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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Do you feel bored in your style?

Do you open your closet and have no idea what to wear?

Or does the idea of shopping stresses you out because you have no idea what to buy?

I know how it feels. Because I was there!


Style isn't something that comes naturally or something we were taught. 


But you deserve to feel and look amazing every single day! As your personal stylist, I'll make sure that your outfits are going to represent your unique personality and lifestyle. I can help you define your style using my signature Color, Body & Style consultations so you'll learn everything about yourself. I'm a strong believer that style makes us feel confident and noticeable to others. It's your time to start shine and success with style! You can find my services below.


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What Clients Are Saying

I wanted a capsule wardrobe for the fall & winter season but I didn't know where to start. I asked Sofiya for help and she just blew my mind! She created a guide with actual garments and created a perfect capsule wardrobe for me. It was exactly what I wanted and more! She picked all the items that suit my color, body, and lifestyle. I live in New York and have a small daughter. This is why I needed something stylish but comfortable. She just checked all the boxes! I asked Sofiya for help again in summer and she picked perfect items for me: fun, colorful, and super pretty.


Sofiya saved me so much time, money, and energy. Moreover, everything she picked for me makes me feel happy, beautiful, and put together!  I can’t recommend Sofiya and her services enough.