Are You Ready to Look Flawless?

No matter where are you at your style journey now,

I can help

If you ever felt that:

  • You feel that your style is boring
  • You struggle to pick clothes at stores
  • You feel like nothing looks good on you
  • Your wardrobe doesn't represent yourself
  • Your wardrobe is a chaotic place
  • You don't know how to achieve a creative look

I always say that we are all unique and beautiful! However, not everyone knows how to highlight their beauty and personality through a signature style.


And it's a missed opportunity!


Our style makes us feel confident and unique. This is why I believe that every woman deserves to feel this way and stand out!

As a Personal Stylist, it is my mission to show you the way to achieve such results

Your defined style is going to open new doors for you and represent TRULY who you are!

Introducing My 3 Signature Style Steps

Color Type

This is the first and essential step to get to your desired result! This consultation will give you ALL answers regarding color, color combinations, makeup, and hair dying

Body & Style
The secret to great style is understanding how to dress your body. You’ll learn what works for you and get a style guide tailored to your personality & archetypes
If you want to fully complete the style transformation then you can continue with shopping consultation. You're going to get curated items just for you!

These three steps are my secret to developing your signature look so you feel amazing and get noticeable! These three steps are essential and it's not advisable to skip them. 


I offer in-person styling services and virtual styling services to women across the world! I also have online courses and free guides for my clients.


See below for more details!

How We Can Work Together:

color, body & style, shopping

Style Packages

Pick any style services to transform your looks

Style Me

personal branding & social media

Style Brand

Elevate your social media presence through style

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online classes & guides

Style Courses

Educate yourself on all style instruments

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Aya A.

Business Owner

I'm so happy that I worked with Sofiya! I booked an offline shopping session & also ordered a lookbook. Before I struggled to pick clothes and didn't understand what suits me. Now I look beautiful and have detailed guide that serves me every day! She is amazing to work with.

Dina R.

Illustrator & Mom

I wanted a capsule wardrobe for fall&winter season but didn't know where to start. I asked Sofiya for help and she just blew my mind! She created a guide with actual garments and created a perfect capsule wardrobe for me. It was exactly what I wanted and more! Thank you for your help!

Viktoriya L.

Landscape Designer

Do you know the problem "too many things but nothing to wear?". I had this problem until recently. Sofiya helped me declutter my wardrobe and explained what suits me. She also gave proper shopping strategies. I feel great every morning when I open my closet now. Highly suggest working with Sofiya!


Q: Why would I hire you as my fashion stylist?

A: I struggled with fashion styling for many years. I used to find shopping stressful. I wasted money on impulsive purchases that didn't look good on me. But then, I discovered the Dwyn Larson system and amazing stylistic tools that transformed me. Now I am a certified fashion stylist and I help clients worldwide!


I'm a unique stylist because I help my clients not only with defining their ideal color palette and body type but I also incorporate archetypes, branding, and other psychological tools into my work. My experience as a surface designer and art director also benefits my clients. I am definitely not your typical fashion stylist! Plus, I traveled the world and can give advice on travel wardrobe and other fun tips.

Q: How does your consultation work?

A: After emailing me that you're interested in an online/offline personal styling consultation we pick a date and time. My consultations are usually online. But we can arrange an offline meeting too. You can always book a free 30-minute call to see if we fit with each other!

Q: Do I need to provide anything?

A: For proper body & color analyses I would need 30+ photos from you. I take privacy seriously and your photos are only for my private usage. Here is the note of what photos are needed for proper styling.

Q: What do I get from the service?

A: It depends on what consultation and option you're going to pick. Here are the options and descriptions. 

Q: Do you have before/afters of your clients?

A: Yes, I do. But I share them only with the consent of my clients. If you're interested I will send you several examples of my style books, photos of my amazing clients, and their transformational stories.

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