My name is Sofiya Levina. I'm a personal fashion stylist & designer:

  • Worked on advertising campaigns for The Wall Street Journal, Carlsberg, Whitney Museum of Arts, Chico's, NYFW
  • Award-winning graphic designer
  • Self-taught surface designer
  • Certified personal fashion stylist
  • Pratt Institute, Honors, BFA

I believe that everyone comes to this world with a mission. My mission is to bring beauty into the world. This is why I help women to define their fashion style and uncover their beauty.  I don't only use the Dwyn Larson body type system, but I also incorporate knowledge about Jungian archetypes into my work! This makes me a unique fashion stylist.

You Don't Need to Be a Superstar to Have a Personal Fashion Stylist!

Have you ever felt that:

  • You don't have anything to wear
  • You struggle to pick clothes at stores
  • You feel like nothing looks good on you
  • You find everyone else more fashionable
  • Your wardrobe doesn't represent yourself
  • Your wardrobe is full of impulsive purchases
  • You don't know how to look expensive
  • You don't feel confident!

I know how it feels. Because I was there!


I struggled to dress myself up. I thought that there were no clothes for me in any store! I felt insecure about how I looked and didn't know how to change that!


But everything changed after I discovered the Dwyn Larson body type system. Now I know how to pick clothes, colors, fabrics, cuts, hairstyles, jewelry and make-up! It gives me such ease in picking perfect outfit for any occasion. Shopping became a joy & I don't waste money anymore.


I want the same for you! You can feel confident, always look gorgeous, have a perfect style, have the best shopping experience and save money! If you're not there yet then.....


Why does it happen?

  • You don't understand who you are inside
  • You don't show who you want to be through your style
  • You have impulsive shopping habits
  • Your wardrobe has clothes from many different fashion styles
  • You don't apply archetypes in your style

Sofiya's Personal Stylist Services

Personal Style Guide

Defining your body type, Style Guide (100+ pages), Color Guide, capsule wardrobe, suggestions on your fashion style, psychological portrait + archetypes

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Shopping Consultation

I provide online shopping consultations where I advice stores, create capsule wardrobe and help to declutter your wardrobe. I also can work offline depending where you are located. 



My online workshops, webinars and classes on fashion, archetypes, content creation and other subjects



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Q: Why would I hire you as my fashion stylist?

A: I struggled with fashion styling for many years. I used to find shopping stressful. I wasted money on impulsive purchases that didn't look good on me. But then, I discovered the Dwyn Larson system. Now I am a certified fashion stylist. Plus, I work not only with body types, but also with archetypes, branding and other psychological tools. My experience as a surface designer and art director also benefits my clients. I am not your typical fashion stylist!

Q: How does your consultation work?

A: After emailing me that you're interested in online/offline personal styling consultation we pick date&time. My consultations are usually online. But we can arrange an offline meeting too.

Q: Do I need to provide anything?

A: For proper body typing I would need 30+ photos from you. I take privacy seriously and your photos are only for my private usage. Here is the note of what photos are needed for proper styling.

Q: What do I get from the service?

A: It depends on what consultation and option you're going to pick. Here are the options and descriptions. 

Q: Do you have before/afters of your clients?

A: Yes, I do. But I share them only with the consent of my clients. If you're interested I will send you several examples of my style books, photos of my amazing clients and their transformation stories.

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