Are You Ready to Look Flawless?

Make the right impressions?
Radiate confidence?
Level up in your career?

Find love?

Have a closet that inspires you & makes you feel unique?


This is all possible!
And I'm here to help <3

If any of these sound familiar, let's fix it!

You feel stressed every morning because you "have nothing to wear" and everything feels boring and you don't know how to mix your clothes.


Every though about shopping brings overwhelm. You're feeling bombarded with endless choices and just don't know where to shop, and how to pick right items. Shopping becomes a waste of time without any joy.

You know how you want to look, but don't know how to express it with clothes. And you feel that there is a huge gap between how you look and how you feel.

You wear the same type of clothes, colors and silhouettes all the time, and you feel bored with your look.

I always say that we are all unique and beautiful! However, not everyone knows how to highlight their beauty and personality through a signature style.


And it's a missed opportunity!


As a Personal Stylist, it is my mission to show you the way to achieve such results

Your defined style is going to open new doors for you and represent TRULY who you are!

Who will benefit the most from 1-1 styling?

If you shopped a lot and wasted loads of time and money only to find yourself in front of a chaos-of-wardrobe that doesn't work for you, that doesn't express your personality and leaves you with the same boring outfits then let's work together and change that!


My clients are really into tailored experiences. Because the one-fits-all concept doesn't work. This means that I provide individual services depending on the needs. My clients come from different backgrounds & countries,  at various stages of their life, and have diverse style preferences, but these are the 3 most common client personalities I often work with. 




You want to advance in your career and your looks have to show your expertise and experience.

You need a wardrobe, which is professional, yet stylish, not boring, and you want ready-to-use outfits, so no time is wasted in the morning.



You are building your personal brand and representing your business. You need a style not only for branded photoshoots but also for meetings & life.

Your image is the embodiment of your work, and it has to be on point.

Entering or Leaving Maternity


You're switching your lifestyle and entering a new phase in your life. Your wardrobe needs to catch up because you're not willing to settle for sweatpants/office suits all day.


You need a wardrobe that represents your current status and covers all your lifestyle needs.

Introducing 3 Signature Style Steps to Authentic You

Color Type

This is the essential step to get to your desired result! This consultation will give you ALL answers regarding color, color combinations, makeup, and hair dying

Body & Style
The secret to great style is understanding how to dress your body. You’ll learn what works for you and get a style guide tailored to your personality & archetypes
If you want to fully complete the style transformation then you can continue with shopping consultation. You're going to get curated items just for you!

These three steps are my secret to developing your signature look so you feel amazing and get noticeable! These three steps are essential and it's not advisable to skip them. 


I offer in-person styling services and virtual styling services to women across the world! I also have online courses and free guides for my clients.


See below for more details!

How We Can Work Together:

Dwyn Larson body type, color analysis & shopping

Online Personal
Styling & Shopping

Get the most of your style transformation


Make My Wardrobe Perfect

All your questions answered in one-hour-call

Online Style

Get your all style questions answered.


Have Questions? Get Answers!

Personal branding & social media

Personal Branding & Style Personality

Elevate your social media presence & become the star in your niche

Become a Star in Your Niche

(Full Style Transformation that included body typing, color analysis, unique style & shopping)

Let's create a perfect wardrobe just for you!

Perfect option for you if you want:


  • A set of ready to use outfits, so you don't have to think in the morning about what to pick and what mixes & matches
  • A full understanding of your body, color, and personality that makes shopping and dressing up flawless and easy
  • A style, which empowers you and sparks confidence, because every piece is your favorite & it fits you, your body & your lifestyle in the best way possible


What you will get as a result of our work:

1. Your personal shopping stylebook with 17-25 selected pieces

I will create a digital guidebook for you with selected clothing pieces (it will consist of about 5 bottoms, 8-9 tops, 2-3 second layer/outerwear, 1-3 mono pieces (dresses, jumpsuits..), 3-4 shoes, 4-6 accessories (incl. bags)

- Each image in your style book is clickable, taking you directly to the online store
- Each piece is individually chosen for you to flatter your body and match your style goals (based on the color analysis, body shape analysis, lifestyle & personality analysis)
- All the items in the capsule are to mix & match

2. Body type guide based on Dwyn Larson analysis


You're going to receive a separate 100-page body analysis based on the one-of-a-kind Dwyn Larson Beauty Type System. This guide is going to include all recommendations on your prints, fabrics, hair, accessories, silhouettes, and recommendations on what you should avoid. The suggestions are going to match your color type so it's going to serve you extremely well whenever you choose to shop in the future.


>>> See a small example here <<<


3. Your personal color guidebook and color analysis


You're going to get a 30+ page color guide that includes recommendations from makeup, and signature colors to hair dying. It's going to explain to you how to use color creatively and uniquely, how to adjust color combinations to your need, and how to wear colors that are not ideal for you. As a result, you're going to understand how to break the color rules and master color combinations and color psychology.


>>> See a small example here <<<



4. Your personality style guidebook based on archetypes

This guide is going to go deep into your personality & lifestyle. It's going to show you how to form a unique style that matches specifically your character! I'm going to uncover your archetypes (read about them here) to make sure your new style is going to feel comfortable to you.

>>> See a small example here <<<


5. Your personal outfits guidebook

You will have a virtual guidebook, where you will see 50+ outfits you can use out of your capsule - pick whatever you want to wear from this guidebook, no need to stress in the morning about what to wear - you have ready to use outfits!


>>> See a small example here <<<


6. 30-day style support after you receive your online purchases


You can ask any questions regarding your new pieces or outfits, and get my recommendations on anything style and fashion-related. Usually, my clients send me daily pictures of their outfits for some additional feedback.

7. Feedback on clothing pieces you already own

You will get my feedback on the pieces you already own (up to 20 pieces) and that you'd like to be part of the capsule. This is also a great way to ensure I don't include something similar to what you already have. These pieces could be included in the outfit combinations with the new pieces too.

How will we work together:

1. Style Questionnaire

After the initial 30-60min introductory call, I will email you a style questionnaire for you to fill in (with questions related to your body, your style preferences & your lifestyle & personality traits) to ensure that I pick the pieces that work best for you. 

You will also need to send me a couple of full-body pictures, your face without makeup pictures, so I can do a color analysis, see your body type and pick what would work for you.

2. Personal style book & outfits guidebook

Once I receive all the info from you, I will work on the body & color analysis, and the initial selection of pieces. You will get all mentioned style books via email. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for me to complete everything.


3. Follow-up call via Zoom (45-60 min.)

We will get in touch to discuss any questions or comments you may have on the capsule. In case you would want to change anything, it is totally possible. We would agree on all the pieces before you proceed to order them online.


During this call, you can ask any questions regarding archetypes, colors, style and etc! It's my mission to make you satisfied and clear.

4. Virtual fitting via WhatsApp or Zoom

Once you've agreed on all the pieces, you order them online, and send me pictures once they arrive. We can discuss everything via WhatsApp or Zoom at that stage.

5. Further style support

You will benefit from 1-month style support after the virtual fitting.
You can ask any questions regarding your new pieces or outfits, and get my recommendations on anything style and fashion-related. In case, you feel you would want to add another 1-2 pieces, this is possible too.




If you have any questions email me. Each style experience can be adjusted to your needs.

Need some 1-1 time with me, as your personal stylist for any of your style-related questions?

We can cover anything in these 60 min. call:



  • How to style certain items in your closet
  • Pick a specific outfit for an event with me
  • Any other personal style questions you may have
  • Questions regarding social media & personal branding
  • Suggestions on outfits for your photoshoot



How it works:

1. Please fill in the form below and put down a preliminary list of questions you want to discuss

2. Schedule a suitable time (right after filling in the form below), and pay the consultation fee to confirm your time slot.

3. We have a call on Zoom (or any other platform with or without video) at the scheduled time (you can show me your outfits, your closet, send me pics, etc. during the call)


What're you getting:

  • PDF file with answers to your questions (quick mood board, links to stores and etc)
  • Video recording of the consultation
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Strategical plan to build your personal brand (if you need that)


Price - $200 (all prices are in USD)*

*if you decide to work with me further this amount can be deposited to other provided services



Need to elevate your social media presence and get your personal brand on point?


Great option if you need to:

  • Rebrand your Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts
  • Attract the right clients to your UNIQUE personality and services
  • Create lead magnets that convert like crazy (+other marketing tips)
  • Make a branded photo shoot that shows your values and character
  • Have a solid plan on how to grow your personal brand

How it works:

1. Book a Free Discovery Call with me to discuss your needs and wants.

2. After I analyze your situation I'm going to send you a guided plan on how you can elevate your social media accounts and what are the best ways to market yourself

3. After that we're going to have an additional call over Zoom to discuss the strategy and vision behind your personal brand.


What're you getting*:

  • PDF file that is going to uncover your personal brand and provide suggestions on brand voice, visuals, and your approach to social media
  • Mood board and suggestions for your branded photo shoot (+ list of photographers in your area)
  • Different ideas for your posts, lead magnets, and emails to attach the right audience
  • Outfit ideas for webinars, conferences, and meetings - so you always look on-point

*This service is tailored to your goals and can be adjusted because is my priority to help you to grow your personal brand and business.




Aya A.

Business Owner

I'm so happy that I worked with Sofiya! I booked an offline shopping session & also ordered a lookbook. Before I struggled to pick clothes and didn't understand what suits me. Now I look beautiful and have a detailed guide that serves me every day! She is amazing to work with.

Dina R.

Illustrator & Mom

I wanted a capsule wardrobe for the fall & winter season but didn't know where to start. I asked Sofiya for help and she just blew my mind! She created a guide with actual garments and created a perfect capsule wardrobe for me. It was exactly what I wanted and more! Thank you for your help!

Viktoriya L.

Landscape Designer

Do you know the problem "too many things but nothing to wear?". I had this problem until recently. Sofiya helped me declutter my wardrobe and explained what suits me. She also gave proper shopping strategies. I feel great every morning when I open my closet now. Highly suggest working with Sofiya!


Why would I hire you as my fashion stylist?
I struggled with fashion styling for many years. I used to find shopping stressful. I wasted money on impulsive purchases that didn't look good on me. But then, I discovered the Dwyn Larson system and amazing stylistic tools that transformed me. Now I am a certified fashion stylist and I help clients worldwide!

I'm a unique stylist because I help my clients not only with defining their ideal color palette and body type but I also incorporate archetypes, branding, and other psychological tools into my work. My experience as a surface designer and art director also benefits my clients. I am definitely not your typical fashion stylist! Plus, I traveled the world and can give advice on travel wardrobe and other fun tips.
How does your consultation work?
It depends on which service you pick. My consultations are done virtually. You can always book a free 30-minute call to see if we fit with each other!
Do I need to provide anything?
For proper body & color analyses, I would need 30+ photos from you. I take privacy seriously and your photos are only for my private usage. After you schedule a free call with me I'm going to send you the instruction.
Do you have before/afters of your clients?
Yes, I do. But I share them only with the consent of my clients. If you're interested I will send you several examples of my style books, photos of my amazing clients, and their transformational stories.
Is there a specific budget I need to have in order to work with you 1-1?
You set the budget you are comfortable with. I can work with any budget and have had clients who were willing to shop only in mass market and invest a bit in accessories, and clients who wanted the latest designer fashion.

We discuss and set the budget up front, and I select the stores and items that perfectly fit your criteria.
I like your style, but I don't want to wear that many colors/dresses (insert anything else)...
It's great if you like my style, but it doesn't mean that I will dress you in the same way!

On the contrary, I find what best fits you, your body, your lifestyle, match it with your preferences and create a wardrobe and style, which is authentically yours.
I'm a full-time mom and my style is very casual. Will you help in my situation?
Of course! I always take into account my client's lifestyle and goals. All style experience is going to be tailored to your needs!
I'm on a weight-loss journey, shall I sign up now or wait?
It is a very personal decision and I encourage you to be honest with yourself.

If you are on a very clear track of consistent weight loss, you may want to wait a little bit to come to your stable weight.

If that's another 'excuse' that delays your life, prevents you from dressing your best and liking your reflection in the mirror, then ask yourself whether you are happy to delay it or it's time to take action because there will always be 'something' in life.