Archetypes in Personal Style | What Are They and Why You Need to Use Them

When I'm working with my clients I start with basic but essential things: wardrobe audit, body & color analyses, capsule wardrobe. However, all basic needs are covered the most important question arises "how to create an authentic style that will fully represent a person"? How to showcase a person's values, goals, aspirations, and dreams through clothes? The answer lays within Carl Jung's theory about archetypes!

Archetypes - What Are They?

Carl Jung introduced 12 archetypes or identities that are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious. In simple terms, an archetype is a role that you play in your life. Each archetype corresponds to a certain stylistic image, with the help of which, you clearly make it clear to those around you who you are. You can have 2 dominant archetypes and 3 neutral ones. 


This method is one of the simplest ways to create an image and manage your impression on others. Moreover, when you translate your story through archetypes you feel and look harmonious. You are able to create an authentic style, always know what to get at stores, and dress up accordingly to your inner self. Isn't great?!


Now, let's discuss what 12 archetypes are there.

12 Archetypes in Personal Style

Here you're going to see 12 images that represent each archetype and their names. Do you feel the difference between all of them? I'm sure you do! When we know our dominant archetypes it is extremely easy to dress up and find your one-of-a-kind style.

Here are the names of archetypes: Ruler, Warrior, Rebel, Explorer, Creator, Lover, Magician, Sage, Innocent, Caregiver, Regular Guy, and Joker. All of them have their unique traits that can be translated into outfits. Colors, textures, patterns, fabrics, clothes, lengths, and accessories everything has one or another archetypical story! When we know exactly what to look for and how to pick certain elements we are going to translate our inner selves. 


For example, if you have a Ruler as your dominant archetype you're going to wear vertical, static outfits that have expensive details. You're going to put an accent near your head and use rich, gem-stone like colors. If you have a Lover archetype you're going to wear soft, flowy fabrics like silk or sateen. You are going to highlight your figure and wear feminine colors. An archetype of an Explorer requires clothes that are comfortable with ethnic details.


There are thousands and thousands of possibilities. As a  personal stylist I can help you to figure out your archetypes and create style guide just for you! 

Archetype Style Guide

To find out archetypes I provide a small questionnaire to my clients. Then we discuss the answers, looking for inner conflicts, and finding style goals. After that, I'm creating a style guide that explains how to implement certain details and clothes to create a unique style by using archetypes. 


The style guide includes an in-depth description of archetype, a mood board with associations, recommended colors, fabrics, prints, accessories, examples of outfits. The style guide can have up to 3 archetypes and ideas on how to combine them harmoniously. 


If you want your style guide you can read about my services here and book a consultation with me! I'm planning to write more about archetypes and give examples for each of them!


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time!