How to Find Your Authentic Style? | 5 Tips From a Professional Stylist

"I have too many styles in my wardrobe and nothing matches!", "I seriously don't know how to find my personal style", "I'm so confused who am I" - these are just some comments I get from my clients. Finding your unique style is a process that requires some work and strategy.


Today I'm going to share with you 5 tips that are going to help you to start your journey! Remember, that personal style is essential. Because our clothes speak for us and create correct impression.

Tip #1. What Is Your Lifestyle?

This is the most important question to answer. You need to build your lifestyle wheel and figure out hours for each activity in your life. Do you work at office and meet lots of clients? Or do you go to gym a lot? Or do you love theatre and opera? (I do!). All these activities require certain outfits and your wardrobe should cover these needs.

If you finding yourself putting an outfit for a certain area of your life that takes lots of time - you really need to solve this issue! Be strategic about it and fill the wardrobe gap.

Tip #2. Pick Signature Pieces

If you going to analyze famous people you're going to notice some patterns in their outfits. Victoria Beckham and her bodycon dresses, Lady Gaga and her extravagant outfits and etc. Every person with a signature style has their own style DNA! I won't go in depth about this here but I'll give you a simple task.


Pick something that is going to repeat from one outfit to another. It can be some piece of jewelry (for example, I love large earrings & rings), it can be a pattern, color or a signature piece of clothes.


For me is bright colors, exotic patterns and large jewelry. These elements are part of my style DNA and repeat over and over again!

Tip #3. Don't Create a Chaos in Your Wardrobe

By that I mean if you're going to purchase something make sure it matches 3 more items at your wardrobe! It's a horrible strategy to buy one thing and then get a whole new wardrobe just for one piece. Only get something you can wear three different ways! This way your wardrobe is going to be cohesent and work for you!

Moreover, it is going to help you to build a capsule wardrobe and your life is going to become super simple.

Tip #4. Create a Moodboard

If you're confused what you like or what do you want to achieve - create a moldboard on Pinterest! Collect images of complete outfits, jewelry, bags, shoes and etc. But don't stop there. Add photos of places, furniture, houses, objects that inspire you and represent your ideal style. This is going to give you a full picture and tons of inspiration.

Tip #5. Download My Free Guide!

To give you more ideas and clear strategic plan I decided to write a new style guide! It goes in depth and gives amazing worksheets to help you with defining your authentic style.

Just click on the image to download it.


I'm 100% sure it's going to give you amazing insights and inspiration.

My final advice is to allow yourself to be yourself! Our style should represent us and not someone else's idea. We should be mindful about what we wear and how we present ourselves. 

Don't get clothes that you're not sure about.

Stop wearing outfits because someone insited on that.

Be careful on sales. Majority of times it's not the best investments.


As always, dress flawlessly!