Why Do You Need a Personal Stylist? | My Personal Story

Why would someone need a personal stylist? I had this question back in 2017 and wasn't sure what was the purpose. But then I came across an online course that taught about fashion, style and provided style guides. Oh, wow... my life was never the same again.


This course taught me how to dress and correctly pick clothes for my body & color type. I learned about the power of personal style and completely transformed my looks. I was so inspired by this experience that decided to become a personal stylist and image consultant myself!


So, why do you need a personal stylist? Let me tell you!

1. To Understand Your Body & Color Type

The whole of my life I didn't understand what is wrong with my body and why nothing suits me! I would pick clothes that others wear but they didn't work on me. I felt frustrated and wanted to look my best all the time... but it happened only occasionally. I loved my body and myself but I felt that I lack some special knowledge that seems everyone knew! Well, maybe not everyone but women that I admired definitely knew something about themselves.


And then I found out about Dwyn Larson's body type system that she based on the Kibbe system. It is the most transformational and logical body type system I ever saw! She not only analyzed the body through geometry, lines, and proportions - she included face features. I received my style guide that was based on her system and it opened my eyes! I realized that I need to wear long clothes, have high contrast, accentuate my waist, and wear intricate patterns. It became so easy to pick clothes and dress up. I also studied this system and became a certified stylist to practice it. Now my clients also have a clear understanding of what suits them and what to look for at stores.

My before & after. I dressed casual and boring. Now I have my unique, personal style.

Moreover, I got my personal color palette and clear color type! I always knew that warm color didn't suit me. But I wasn't sure exactly about what colors are definitely mine. This of course restricted my wardrobe because I was afraid to make mistakes. Obviously, for many years my wardrobe had black & grey colors. Sounds familiar? Proper color analyzes gave me a new understanding and definite answer on my colors! Right now my wardrobe is extremely colorful and I just love it! The color analyzes gave me the freedom to experiment and create my signature looks. 

2. To Create Cohesive & Working Wardrobe

Another reason to hire a personal stylist is to clean up your wardrobe! If you feel frustration in the mornings and "I have nothing to wear" thoughts - you have an issue. I faced it too! I had favorite items and outfits but I couldn't wear them all the time. Sometimes, I wouldn't have a proper outfit to go out or my new purchase wouldn't match anything in my closet. 


A professional stylist is going to help you to analyze your current wardrobe, show you how to create new outfits, and gives you a shopping list! It's like an audit but for your wardrobe. It definitely helps afterward to create a capsule wardrobe or during shopping consultations. Moreover, a stylist can see your shopping habits and direct you to proper shopping strategies. I always start working with my clients with wardrobe audits - it shows the clearest picture and I can provide better help.

3. To Learn About Yourself & Create Unique Style

I think the ultimate goal to work with a stylist is to develop a unique style. Your clothes should represent you! When I was in university I felt confused about who I was and what I really want. These habits and patterns joined me when I started to work in New York advertising agency. I dressed too casually and not creative enough. I felt that it wasn't me and it wasn't correct! The course I took helped me to discover my unique style and allowed me to experiment. 


As a personal stylist, I discovered archetypes and started to use them in my work! It such a transformative tool because it helps to showcase my client's unique personality. Moreover, it gives them a clear understanding of how they should dress up for their goals! If you're curious to read about archetypes check this blog post that goes in-depth about them. 


I help my clients to discover themselves and show their character through their style! I talk to them about their aspirations, social roles, goals and etc. And then we develop a strategy to achieve it - I also create style guides that are based on their main archetypes. It is really unique experience and not every stylist knows the power of this tool.

4. To Get A Style Advice When You Need It

There are many reasons why you would need a stylist in your daily life. Maybe you're going to have a special event (wedding, corporate party, conference talk) - all these events require a certain outfit. If you have a stylist who worked with you they would easily create a complete look for you and you won't be stressing the very last minute about it!


Or you may go on a trip to a new country and you won't be sure what exactly take. You know the situation when you take half of your closet with you and then wear only 10% of your baggage? This is why you want the help of a stylist. A personal stylist is going to create a perfect, travel capsule wardrobe for your destination and that you actually going to wear! It will definitely remove the stress from your trip and you going to be perfectly dressed every single day.


I had clients who were having photoshoots for their personal branding and I worked on their photoshoot wardrobes. It is also something to consider when you're booking a photo shoot. A stylish is going to make you look perfect and flawless. Or you can get advice during your shopping and receive a response on what to purchase or not.

5. To Learn And Develop Your Taste

For me, the most important part is to pass my knowledge and experience to clients. So they can develop their style on their own and understand how to look their best. This is why I am creating online courses, free guides, and writing these posts. I hold a strong value in education and want my clients to have all the best tools that they can use! 


When you work with a stylist you automatically developing a taste and an eye for good items. An image consultant gives lots of recommendations during consultations that going to teach you a lot about fashion and other areas! These all are going to help you make correct decisions when shopping or packing your luggage for a trip. This is why personal stylist is not just a one-off thing - you're getting valuable information and knowledge!

I hope this small post helped you understand the value behind having a personal stylist and you're going to consider hiring one! I would definitely love to work with you if you ever need help. You can read about my services here and don't be shy to email me! Moreover, I am launching my new, online course about a personal style that is going to transform your life - I'm extremely thrilled about it.


As always,

Dress Flawlessly.