How to Wear Layers: Tips for Creating More Outfits and Stay Warm

Layering clothes is a great tool to reinvent your wardrobe! You can mix & match clothes from different seasons and create new outfits. Like a summer dress and turtle neck. But it definitely requires some knowledge on how to do it properly. I love layers because instantly outfits become interesting and fresh!


I want to share with you my best tips & some examples on how to do it easily!

Rule #1. Thin goes first

The majority of people are afraid to look bulky when wearing layers. To avoid that you need to make sure that the first layer is always thin! Then you can add a thicker blazer or coat. 


If the first layer is thick then make sure that the fabric for the second item has similar qualities.


Here are some outfits ideas you can try:

  • Turtle neck + shirt
  • Turtle neck + slip dress
  • Shirt + blazer
  • Sweater + coat or blazer


The best thing is that you can bring summer items to the winter season by using these methods!



Rule #2. Layers can be anything

If you think that only clothes count as a proper layer - you're missing a great opportunity.

Scarves, belts, and large accessories also count towards layers!


You can wear a long coat and add a bulky scarf. Or you can pair a classic shirt with a silky scarf tucked inside. If you love belts and want to highlight your waist do it! All these items will be counted towards layers.


But remember that to look harmoniously outfit shouldn't have more than 3 layers. Otherwise, it's going to look messy and too bulky. 

Rule #3. Pick different shades

You can't wear monochromatic outfits to create layered outfits. Because you should be able to differentiate layers! This is why make sure that the first or the last layer has different shades. 


For example, a white shirt, grey blazer, and charcoal coat. These colors are in an achromatic family but they go from light to dark shades. Layers also can go from dark to light.


In my photo, I wear a monochromatic blue outfit but my blazer is light! If I'd wear a dark blue one you wouldn't be able to notice layers.

More Examples & Tips

There are more rules to layering but I'd love you to experiment! Actually, in my online course, I'm going really in-depth about how to properly style layers and I give lots of practice. I advise you to look closely at these photos and find styling patterns. Oh, and another tip - make sure that each layer is longer than another. This will create verticality and the outfit will make you look longer!

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