Best Stay At Home Outfits Ideas | What to Wear at Home Celebrations?

The festive season is almost there and I'm sure everyone is starting to plan their holidays. This is year was a challenging one and this is why we all deserve a great celebration. And the best way to cheer up and add a festive mood is by dressing up! It really doesn't matter if you're going to be alone at your apartment with your pup or it's going to be a small dinner with your family - dress up and look your best! We have a saying that "A good year beginning makes the whole year good" and I quite believe in it! So, here are my 5 top ideas on how to dress up for stay-at-home celebration!  

Festive Skirt + Calm Top

This is actually what I'm planning to wear for New Year! A cozy, warm sweater and super sparkly skirt. This kind of outfit combines a festive mood midi-skirt and coziness of the sweater. A lovely combination to celebrate Christmas or New Year at home. This outfit will work only if you pick thick, good quality sweater! 

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Festive Pants + Shirt

If you prefer pants here is an amazing option for you! We are taking the same principle "festive bottom + calm top". Pick a simple neutral color shirt and cool pants! I advise you to pick sequin, jacquard, silver, golden, velvet pants and combine them with a men-style shirt. Comfortable and super stylish!

Silk Slip Dress

I still need to meet a woman who won't look great in a slip dress! It's an amazing option for the Holiday season. Plus, you can style this dress for daily wear later on. The slip dress can be styled with a shirt, cardigan, or sweater. Definitely a sexy and elegant look!

Pajama Style Outfit

Lingerie style is great for a home -style celebration. Comfortable, sexy, relaxed, and elegant - what more can you wish for? Pick velvet, silk, and luxurious materials to uplift the outfit and look your best at the family table. If you're into this style but don't want a suit wear a kimono!

Statement Jewelry and Minimalist Look

If you're not really into to mood to dress up and what to stay comfy and simple then I advise you to put on some statement jewelry. You can put on a cozy sweater and jeans but add one statement piece near your portrait zone. It can be earrings, brooche, or necklace. This way your minimalist outfit will have a holiday sparkle!

I wish you a great Holiday season and all your wishes come to true! Have a wonderful 2021!


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