How to Wear Total Black Outfits? | Inspiration and My Best Tips

I love colors and I try to avoid black ones as much as possible. But sometimes (as all girls) I love to contradict myself. This is why I decided to create my own total black outfit and give my best tips on how to do it properly.


Please remember that deep, black color ONLY works for one color type - Deep Winter. Other color types will have lots o,f struggles with this color because it won't look great on them. This is why I enjoy this Fall-Winter trend; however, I realize that it won't work for many people. Obviously you can break the rules (I'll give you tips on that later) but please be conscious if you're not deep winter. Let's start?

How to Style Total Black Outfits?

Here are my best tips on wearing total black looks:

1. Make sure that all items have the same shade of black. You can't combine different shades because they won't look great together. I alwathe advise taking items you have to the store to compare the shades and pick correct ones.

2. Use layers and interesting textures. Due to the characteristics of the black color outfits may not look voluminous. This is why I advise to combine different textures and layer yourself.

Here are some examples:

3. Create shapes and transform body proportions. Black color can make you look like a block. To avoid this effect play with proportions: oversized sweaters, short skirts, super long coats, etc.

If you're not dark winter and black is out your color palette don't panic! You can use this trick: make sure that your neck and chest show skin. This way black color won't have too much influence on your face. But again be mindful that black color may make you look not the best.


Hope you enjoyed this post and got the inspiration!

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