7 Reasons Why You Have Nothing to Wear & How to Solve This

Isn't it so common to open a wardrobe and feel like "I have nothing to wear"? Believe me, it happened to me and definitely to my clients. It's especially frustrating when your closet is filled with clothes! How can this happen we wonder. There are shoes, t-shirts, jeans, dresses but somehow we can't pick our outfit!


The problem lies in your shopping habits. Yes, habits! Think for a second: Do you purchase trendy stuff instead of great basic clothes? Do you buy the same items over and over again even though you have a bunch of them already? Do you check how the item fits you or you just buy it just because? Or do you go to the store without having a plan ahead? All of these cause you to have not a working wardrobe! Below are 7 reasons you have nothing to wear, and how to fix them.

Why Fixing The Problem “I Have Nothing To Wear” Is Important?

It's important because you have nothing to wear! It also emphasizes that you have a pretty useless wardrobe because it doesn't make your life easy. A couple of years ago, I had a huge problem with my closet. I thought that I don't have anything good and felt really frustrated each day. Because of this, I wear t-shirts & jeans and didn't experiment much. Currently, my wardrobe is perfect. Every morning, I browse through it and it inspires me to dress up. Everything matches and it's so easy to dress up.


Having a working wardrobe makes your life easy! You always know what you have & what you need to get. You know that everything matches your wardrobe and you can handle any life situation. (Like going to a gala event or picking up your friend's children). Your wardrobe covers everything! This is why I suggest analyzing all the reasons mentioned and take action.


1. You're Shopping Without Thinking Of Your Existing Wardrobe

That's the biggest no. When I'm working with my clients I always go through their existing wardrobe and writing a plan of what we need. You should never go to a mall without a list or an idea of what you're looking for. When you don't think about your current closet it provokes impulsive buys. You get unnecessary items. Your closet becomes chaotic. Nothing matches, you can't create harmonious outfits, there are too many styles.  


Next time, before going to a mall think about what do you really need. Write a list. Ask yourself  "What three items in my closet will this item go with?", "Does this fit my general style?", "Is it just an impulse buy?", "Does this item has my color and does it really fit me?". That will help you to avoid mistakes.

2. You Have to Many Trends & Not Basic Items

I love trend. They spice up your outfit. But too many trends is a no go. Trends come and go. This is why they shouldn't take the most space. The ideal proportion is 20% trends and 80% basics. Also, items that you can wear only occasionally also should be only a small percent of your wardrobe. You shouldn't buy trend if your basic needs are not covered. Later, you will able to budget for trendy items and fit them into your wardrobe. 


Just remember, that you shouldn't spend too much money on trends because they go out of style pretty quickly.

3. Your Wardrobe Doesn't Fit Your Lifestyle

This is a really common problem that I faced with my clients. Our lifestyle changes due to life events. We go to universities, marry, find jobs, or start dating. It all depends; however if your lifestyle significantly changed your wardrobe should change too!


If you worked in a corporate job and then transitioned to become a homestay mom probably you won't wear suits on a daily basis! It's important to change your wardrobe. 


Think about what do you do the most during the week, what event & place you attend monthly, what are your hobbies. This will influence your purchases. For example, I dance the tango & go to social gathering a lot. This is why I have lots of dresses and evening attire. Perhaps, you will need more sportswear & dating outfits, and etc.

4. You Keep Buying The Same Items

It's really comfy to buy and wear the same things. But if you already have 10 t-shirts don't buy another one! Put all the same items in front of you to realize you don't need more. Repetition creates boredom. Plus, it covers another problem - that you may be lacking other items! If you write a plan before shopping and remember what you already have this will solve this issue. Just don't buy the same items! Updating is fine though.

5. You're Holding On To Bad Fits

I know it's hard to though away clothes. But I did. Two years ago I completely threw away 80% of my wardrobe because I realized it didn't work for me. Wearing items that don't fit or look good on you is a bad habit. But keeping them in your wardrobe without wearing is even worse. Moreover, it's important to have clothes that work for your body NOW! Not months or years ago. Get through your closet and ask yourself what did you buy for future self, what doesn't work and what you don't like.


I believe that by giving away items that don't serve us creates space for new, beautiful things. So don't hold on to bad fits. Let them go!

6. Too Many Styles For One Wardrobe

This actually creates the most mess. When you have a mix of styles it becomes to eclectic and impossible to mix & match. If you have more than 5 styles in your wardrobe (ex. smart-casual, boho, rock, marine and boho) it's a problem. It's better to have 2-3 styles or several items that represent style than a chaotic wardrobe. 


When you're following 2-3 styles it's much easier to handle it. Think what items are completely out of place in your wardrobe. Ask, how you can combine them or you need to let them go. The less is better!

7. You Have Some Wardrobe Holes

Do you feel that sometimes you don't have proper shoes or not enough blouses? Actually, it's a first ring that you have a wardrobe hole! Perhaps, you're missing key elements to create perfect looks. These elements can be shoes, bags, belts, blouses & etc.


Take out all your clothes and create the maximum amount of outfits. If you notice that something doesn't look as great or lacks something write it down! Now you have your shopping list.

More Reasons?!

There are more reasons for not working wardrobe:


1. Colors don't suit you

2. Your wardrobe doesn't have one temperature (cold or warm)

3. Too many colors & different saturation (mixture of dark, pastel, bright colors)


You should also consider these reasons when cleaning up the closet or going shopping. I hope you enjoyed this post and it will help you keep your wardrobe on track!

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