The Best Date Outfit Ideas For Dinners | 35+ Ideas for Sexy and Confident Looks

Isn't it exciting to go on dates? Obviously it is! But when it comes to dressing up for a date so many questions arise! How to look sexy and confident on a date? What colors should I wear? Dresses or pants? How do I look cute? I've seen so many questions regarding dating outfits and decided to answer them. This post explains what exactly you should wear on the evening/night dates! You won't see here casual looks because I don't believe in casual dates. Always, dress to impress!


At the end of the article, you can get my FREE 17-page-long guide with amazing outfits, ideas, and a checklist! I wrote it specifically for women who want to nail their dating outfits and look stunning! Enjoy <3

Dress to Impress | 10 Tips on Perfect Outfits

I'm a strong believer in giving a proper impression. We only have 7 seconds to make impressions and our outfits play a major role in this! This is why always dress to impress! No matter where you've been invited dress like you have something amazing to do after. Don't dress down. Only up. Before we continue with outfit ideas let me give you a small checklist.


These tips will make you feel less stressed before the date and give you an idea of what should you do before going out.

  1. Check the venue & see what their interior looks like. 
  2. Give yourself time to plan your outfits & always have dates outfits reads
  3. Relax, take bath & give yourself time before the date
  4. Put on your make-up
  5. Style your hair
  6. Put on your jewelry & watch
  7. Wear Heels (!)
  8. Wear your colors (cold or warm)
  9. Have perfect manicure
  10. Smile

These are the tips to remember and follow. I'm going into more detail about what NOT to wear in my free guide. Let's now see outfits & styles that are great for evening dates.

By the way, you can watch my YouTube video with dating outfit ideas & why I love these styles!

1. Bodycon Dresses

The bodycon dresses are a classic choice for dating outfits! They look best on figures that have defined waist and a similar proportion between shoulders & hips. There are so many elegant and sexy designs that you can pick from! Style a bodycon dress with heels, jewelry, and a cute clutch, and your date will be stunned! Here are some great dating bodycon dresses.

2. Silk Dresses

Slip silk dresses are another great choice for evening dates. They are sexy, flattering and work for majority of body types. Make sure that they are not extremely revealing because you don't want to give it all. You can always put on silk kimono on top to create layered effect. I love slip dresses and I highly advice you to get one!

3. Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are an amazing choice! If you have larger breasts pick dresses with the V-neck or put long chain with a pendant. Make sure that the fabric shows your figure and looks flattering. 

4. Top & Pants

I'd advise wearing top & pants on the third date. Stick with dresses for the first ones to give a famine impression. Pants should be fitting your figure; however, don't pick extremely tight ones because they may create folds. It's a great choice if you're going to have some activity before going to dinner or the weather is a bit on a chilly side. If you're picking super tight top pick a bit flowy bottom & vice versa. This will create a balanced look. Pick hight or medium waist pants because they look better and highlight your waist.

5. Skirts & Tops

Combining skirt & top is another great way to dress up for a date. Mini-skirts should picked wisely and according to your body type. Pencil skirt above & below the knee are great choice to highlight the figure.

What Colors to Wear on a Date?

The best colors for dates are the ones that suit you. However, certain colors and their combinations would give different associations. It's important to understand how colors influence us & the viewer.


Red - passion, aggressiveness, courage, glory, pleasure, sensuality

Green - growth, renewal, prosperity, renewal, fertility

Pink - feminine, healthy, young, playful, easy, softness (hot pink - audacity)

Yellow - joy, youth, enthusiasm, optimism

Blue - calm, deep, discovery, honor, trust, empathy, love

Purple - royalty, luxury, mystery, spirituality

White - purity, elegance, light, luxury

Black - mystery, protection, tradition, dramatic, formality


Each color can give different meanings in different combinations. Black & Red - will definitely speak about passion and drama. But Black & Purple will show mystery, respect, and formality. It's important to understand what impression you want to give before picking your outfit. For youthful, optimistic looks wear yellow and green colors.


Just remember, if you want to give an impression of "calmness" wear light colors. The lighter the color the calmer you look. If you want to give an impression of "power" wear saturated, darker colors.

An impression of "demonstrativeness" comes from wearing really bright colors. Warm, orange colors speak about "warmth". Blue colors speak about "elegance" and appeal to many people. 


If you want to look younger pick colder color metals (white gold, silver, or gold but not vintage gold).

Hope you enjoyed this article & my YouTube video! If you want to really get deep into dating fashion below is my free guide! It will give you more ideas and inspiration. Just remember that date is about you. You should feel confident, relaxed and joyful about yourself. Good luck!

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