How To Look Thinner With These 5 Styling Tips

I'm a strong believer that we should accept & love our bodies. But I also understand that for aesthetic reasons we want to adjust certain parts and look our best. These tips & tricks will help you to instantly look thinner!

1. Add some air

It's a common misconception that you should wear tight clothes to look slimmer. Unfortunately, it's not the case. Super tight clothes will highlight all body imperfections. Choose clothes that leave some air between your skin and fabric. Ideally, you should be able to fit one or two fingers. This will help your body appear lighter. Don't create tension & stress for your body by wearing small sizes.

2. Wear structured & flowing fabric  

Flowing fabrics will lay on your body naturally. Extremely tight silhouettes will not show your body in the best way. Tight clothes create many folds on body parts and make them look larger. (Any horizontal lines will make you look wider). I highly advise picking the fabric that has structure and density because it will frame your body properly. 

3. Create Verticality

Use optical illusions to your advantage! Vertical lines will make you look longer & thinner. It doesn't mean that you should wear monochrome outfits. Actually, monochrome outfits work only for tall girls. I suggest you create vertical lines with the second layer (coats, blazers and etc), crease on your pants and prints! When picking patterns make sure they relate to your body proportions. Don't wear tiny, vertical lines - they will make create a reverse effect.

4. Don't Wear Monochrome

If you don't want to look squat avoid wearing complete monochrome looks. Shorter girls will look even shorter. If you want semi-monochrome look use analogous colors. I spoke about color mixing methods in this article. Or break down the silhouette: wear a different colored top or add a pattern.

5. Wear Asymmetrical Pieces

The asymmetrical lines for the top and bottom pieces create dynamic and lightens. While corpulence associates with heaviness and immobility. This is why creating asymmetry and diagonality will make you look slimmer. You can create it by wearing shorts, blouses, and blazers like in the picture below.

Want more tips?

There are more tips about how to style plus-size bodies. It definitely requires an individual consultation, understanding of proportions, and body architecture. If you want to learn more about other styling tips - get my free guides and access my one-hour land masterclass!

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