How to Combine Colors Like a Pro! + Free Guide

I love the colors! But I had so many questions on how to combine them properly in outfits. It never occurred to me that I can use my fine arts background and apply the same principles to fashion! So, here is the simplest guide for you on how to mix colors and stop abusing black & white colors. Because colors speak volumes and help to give a certain, positive impression. I also added a small gift at the end! I created a free color guide that included color combinations and inspiration! Enjoy <3


P.S. Before going forward remember that colors should be picked from the same temperature. It's not advisable to combine warm & cold colors in the same outfit. Plus, we all have different skin undertones & color schemes which affect our color choices.


Monochrome outfits always look classy. You just need to make sure that you picked a similar shade of the color. If you're on a shorter side and want to wear monochrome outfits make sure that you have a contrast between top & bottom. For example, bright pink top and lighter shade pants. Texture can also add needed contrast. Monochrome looks are great when you want to express calmness, elegance, and put-together feeling.


Analogous outfits are easier to create then monochrome ones. We usually have similar colors in our wardrobe. The most important part to remember is that you need to pick similar saturation of fabrics. This will help to create a cohesive look and flow. This color combination gives a harmonious feel and is not as aggressive as a complementary one. I put more analogous examples in my free guide that you can download below!


This combination of colors is fabulous if you want to get attention. Complementary colors actually fight with each other and create dynamic looks. The same color saturation will help to make the outfit feel harmonious. Just make sure you understand what impression the colors give. Red & green combination will make viewers notice you but also they may feel irritated. Each color combination has a certain mood so be mindful about that. Complementary combinations speak about boldness, creativity and attention. More on this in the free guide! Complementary combos are Green & Red, Yellow & Purple, Blue & Orange.

Split Complementary

This method definitely requires some practice and confidence. To create a split you need to take the main color and divide the complementary color into two colors. For example, Red & Green & Blue. This color combination speaks about creativity, confidence, and professional understanding of colors. I'd suggest you try it out and see how it goes! 

Same Saturation

Sometimes we see outfits that don't go to any category; however, they have a color combination method! In the examples above, you can see that these looks have one thing in common. They use the same saturation! I highlighted the importance of picking the same saturation in other methods. This helps to create cohesive looks and combine different colors.


Achromats colors are white, black, and grey. These colors are popular because they are easy to combine. Make sure that your appearance contrast allows you to wear bright white & dark black colors. If not, you make look tired or have a grey reflection on your face. When wearing complete white looks white color should have the same shade! Otherwise, your outfit will seem to look dirty. A combination of achromats with one color is also an excellent way to create a stunning outfit!

I hope you enjoyed these methods and will apply them to your styling. I highly advise you to learn how to combine colors and be brave! The world of colors really open creativity doors and represent you more than achromatic ones. Here are just some tips to remember:

  • Same fabric saturation (pastel with pastel, bold with bold)
  • Same color temperature (cold with cold, warm with warm)
  • The same shade of white
  • Wear colors that suit your color type (there is a seasonal color analysis that includes 16 color types)
  • Repeat colors to create a cohesive look

You can also download my FREE guide with color combinations and pages of inspiration below! It will help you to combine colors and not feel afraid. 

Here is My Free Guide with Color Combos + Inspiration!