How to Look Expensive & Elegant on a Budget?

It's really not that hard to look expensive & elegant on a budget! The only thing is that you need to be mindful of your appearance. Here I am giving you the best tips that are just a small part of my upcoming class! Enjoy!

1. Make sure you understand your beauty type & body architecture.

Make sure you understand your beauty type & body architecture.

This is important because you will understand what works best for you! Some clothes can make your beauty shine and some make you look worse. The body architecture includes understanding your proportions, scales, lengths, cuts and other qualities. If you don't know your beauty & body type you can always consult with a professional stylist.

2. Dress pastel, gemstone & neutral colors

These colors give the best impression! Obviously, you should know what skin undertone you have (cold or warm) but picking these colors will make you look elegant. Pastel colors are a great choice - the Royal Family loves it! So, you should try it too. Pastel colors can be created by mixing white or grey pigment. Depending on your skin color palette you should pick one or another. 

Another family of colors is a "gemstone" palette. I call these colors this way because they remind me of precious stones. Dark, deep and sophisticated. These colors definitely speak about status, traditions and royalty.


Wearing beige & neutral colors is another great way to show elegance & status. Just make sure that you're picking the correct color temperature. These colors look calm and upscale.

3. Make sure your clothes fit you correctly

The manufactures sew clothes for an average figure. I, for example, can't buy things at stores and just wear them. Almost everything in my wardrobe is tailored to my figure. You should also use tailor services to make sure everything looks great on you! It's something you should add to the price of a piece you're getting. It's worth it. I advise tailoring for coats, blazers, pants & skirts. Blouses and shirts probably won't require much adjusting unless you have my figure lol.

4. Pick high-quality fabrics

High-quality fabrics mean that the piece will last longer. Which is amazing because this way we're saving Earth's resources. But they also look better. Try to purchase natural fabrics like linen, silk, wool, cotton, etc. Viscose is also a great fabric to have. Fabrics like polyester can also work; however, not from the mass market. If you're buying synthetic fabrics make sure that they are good quality ones. If you're buying linen try to pick smooth one or that is blended with silk, wool, or other threads. This way it won't wrinkle. Which brings us to another point.

5. Don't wear wrinkled & stained clothes

Wrinkled clothes give a bad impression. It shows that you don't take care of yourself and not great at time management. I hate ironing this is why I use a steamer! It's an amazing tool to make your clothes look smooth & fresh. Wrinkles are acceptable only when you're wearing linen on your vacation. But even there it's better to bring your steamer and take care of your outfits.

6. Clean & Fresh Hair

Because your hair is like your crown you should take care of them. Make sure that your hair always looks fresh & clean. Wearing a hair bun is not optimal for the majority of beauty types so try to avoid it. The best thing to have is dry shampoo! This way if you won't have time you can always apply it during the night and the next day you will have a nice hairstyle. 

7. Perfect manicure & clean nails

The classic & expensive look requires to wear paster, neutral, or transparent nail polish. I agree with this; however, I like bold colors. The plain. the bright color is also fine. You can wear medium length nails or shorter. French manicure is also a great option to look expensive. Just avoid adding decor: crystals, sparkles and other illustrations on your nails. But the most important thing is too keep your nails clean and hand soft.

8. Pick your accessories wisely. Details matter

Your jewelry, bag, scarf, glasses and watches finish your outfit. This is why picking good quality accessories is essential. You can wear cheaper clothes but your accessories should be of great quality. Leather, structured bags are an amazing choice to create a sophisticated look. Golden or silver jewelry should be added because people have an association that these metals are expensive. 

9. Shoes should be clean

Make sure that you keep your shoes in good shape. They shouldn't have stain, dirt, or holes in them. Try to get leather shoes if you can - they breathe and last longer. 

10. Smile!

This is a bit unexpected, huh? But successful people always have a friendly & welcoming smile on their faces. The smile is a great tool to open doors! It shows that you're an open person and willing to create connections. More connections = more resources = more opportunities. It's definitely something to wear when getting out of the house.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Seriously, you don't need a huge budget to look expensive. Some things will require an investment (like buying good quality accessories) but keeping your clothes out wrinkles, wearing specific colors, and having clean nails require only mindfulness and a bit of time. Let me know what tips you enjoyed the most!

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