Best Fall Winter 2020 Trends | Tips on How to Easily Implement Them To Your Wardrobe

I love watching fashion shows. They always bring you to different places and moods. But as a fashion stylist, I search for trends. Trends tend to go away and I never advise to be heavily invested in them. However, the majority of trends easy to implement if you know the right methods. Today I want to help you with exactly that. I picked 7 trends that I enjoyed the most and sharing them with you. Enjoy!

How to Wear & Buy Trends?

Some trends may stay and some can get outdated by the next show. This is why trends are not the place for investment. However, I suggest allocating around 20% of your budget to trendy pieces. They can be clothes, jewelry, or other accessories. Don't pick all trends - it's really unnecessary. 


Think about your wardrobe and the pieces that you already own. You can add a trendy brooch, bag, or leather piece to complete the look. Depending on the outfit (evening, daywear, work and etc) pieces may be different. Just don't run for all trends and think before buying something.

1. Total Black

I think black never went out of fashion; however, this season everyone has total black outfits! I'm sure it won't be a problem for the majority of people to find black clothes in their wardrobes. Just keep in mind that black color suits only ONE color type and you need to know how to wear it. Other than that it's a super easy trend to replicate.

2. Red Color

The red color is definitely a star for the FW season. It's used from small embroideries to total red looks. If you don't like to wear red color - use red lipstick! The easiest way to implement a red color is by wearing red accessories: gloves, hats, bags, or jewelry. 

3. Bows

I think this one is the most chick trend for this season. Bows! You can use scarves or blouses that have bows on them. It's super easy to recreate and wear in daily life. Actually, I'm currently sitting with a silk bow on my neck and writing you this post! Definitely try wearing bows this season. They are so pretty!

4. Puffed Sleeves

This season is generous on romantic blouses and gorgeous, puffed sleeves. I definitely saw such blouses in stores and if you're not afraid to experiment try them out! I'd say that the blouse from Elie Saab hit 3 trends: white color, bow, and puffed sleeves! Is it too much? I don't think so. And if you're not afraid to have such a statement piece - get it.

5. Translucency

I'm in love with this suggestion for the FW season. It's definitely something you can wear on the upcoming holidays to stand out. Yes, I know it's getting cold and we want to wrap ourselves in wool. But such pieces just look lovely and really festive. Try it out!

6. Purple Color

I just couldn't resist my desire to put this trend on my list. This year I'm in love with violet and purple hues. And I feel other designers are too! You can wear a purple color as detail. Remember the trend on bows? Purple bows or tights are some of the many ways you can wear this color. Oh, it's gorgeous.

7. Feathers

What can be better than feathers? If you like dramatic looks then feathers will become your best friends for this season. I wouldn't buy a blouse out of feathers because it's not really a practical piece. But would add them through the accessories. Wearing brooches with feathers or small bags is the easiest way to add some drama to your looks. Or you can buy a lovely hat that has feather details. It's really up to you.

I hope you enjoyed these trends and my tips. I picked them because they are easy to implement and won't cost you much. Let me know what trends do you like this season and if you're going to try them out. Don't forget to visit my Instagram where I share more tips and posts about fashion!


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