3 Hottest Summer Trends 2021 | Free Style Guide Included

Do we really need to hate on trends?

As a stylist I always face a problem in my client's wardrobes:

1. Too many trends
2. No trends at all

Both situations are not ideal. In the first case, there is no way to make such a wardrobe properly work. Too many trendy, creative items that go out of fashion extremely quickly and it's impossible to mix & match them.

The second scenario (no trends) makes the wardrobe boring and outdated. Old colors, cuts, silhouettes, etc. Every 3-5 years shapes of clothes change and if your wardrobe is not being updated all outfits turn to look unfashionable and outworn. I'm sure it's not something anyone wants!

The solution is:

🔸Pick a couple of trends for a current season
🔹Make sure that these trends correlate to your lifestyle & personality
🔸Check that some of the trends will stay longer
🔹Any trendy item should mix with at least 3 items in your closet
🔸Make sure it's a current trend!

If you're not sure how to implement a trend into your wardrobe or you're confused about what works specifically for YOU - get a consultation with a stylist. Because I check trends all the time and help my clients to incorporate and use them mindfully.

Trends can add something really unique and fun to your basic wardrobe and show that you are up to date!

Here I picked 3 amazing trends for this summer!
If you want to see the other 7 trends - get my FREE trend report below.

Trend #1. Candy-Colored Bags

The perfect trend to add some bold and bright accents to your summer outfits. If you think is hard to implement such bags into your current style use these tips:

  • wear neutrals and add an accent bag
  • repeat color somewhere (electric blue bag + electric blue scarf)
  • use color wheel; complementary colors go well together
  • use same saturation (bright + bright)

If you want to know how to style such bags download my FREE guide - there are a couple of examples!

Trend #2. Shocking Pink

If you're not into pastels and want something ultra-trendy then definitely check this trend!


Shocking pink was introduced first time by Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in the late '30s. This color definitely creates a lot of attention. Electric, brights, and full of life this color is going to transform all your summer outfits!


Pair it with bright green color (another trend by the way) and all attention is going to be on you. Just make sure that such bright colors suit you. If not sure just pick accessories in these colors and you're good to go.

Trend #3. Stripes 

Stripes and summers always go together! Bold, thin, colorful, monochrome - the more the better. The most exciting thing is that they shouldn't be tight to marine style at all.


This pattern is highly geometric, so make sure that it suits your face and body. Otherwise, wear it in pants and skirts!


Thin and contrasting stripes create a fun, creative, dynamic, and a bit crazy impression; while, thick stripes make you look taller and more stable.

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