Congratulations! You’re boring! | Or does your style really reflect you?

Congratulations! You’re boring!

No, seriously. All jokes aside. How do you think people make an opinion about you? Do you think they really use their consciousness to put a correct label on you?

‼️ If you think this way you're totally wrong. It takes only 7 seconds to form an opinion about someone. It happens automatically and it's extremely hard to change this opinion afterwards.

🙈 This is why I don’t understand why people dress up in banal stuff!

Seriously, you don’t have a personality or style if you’re always in jeans & t-shirts. No one can form any opinion about you and you’re just an “average Jane Doe”. Do you want to be a Jane Doe or you want to be yourself?

Fun, happy, successful, creative, ambitious, feminine and etc?

Call me superficial, but I'm judging by the picture. And so do the other people.  Perhaps, my design education played a huge role in this. If I see a boring, uncomfortable, and ugly design - why the hell I'm going to look at it?




Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. If you really want to be associated with "comfortable, ordinary, boring" - then do as you please. I don't care. But this is what people are going to think about you!


And if you don't want this?


Then you need to realize that you need to change and adjust your style! In fact, you need to think, what is not boring for you and what are you willing to change?


You don't have to immediately burn your T-shirts and jeans. (great news, huh?) You can just style your basic clothes in a different way. But to do it properly you need to ask yourself a super important question.


Who are you?


Are you a girly girl, an adventurer for some disaster, a dictator, or maybe a buffoon?!

One way to answer this question is through archetypes. They help to define your style and express it. When your style is truly aligned with your inner self then magic happens.


No more boring, banal, and average solutions!


Therefore, if you agree with 2-3 points from this list:

  • I want something special but I don't know how to achieve it
  • I do look average and boring
  • I want to change things up
  • I am not reflected in my style

You need to change you style!


You need to work on your wardrobe and get out of the "dullness" because your "I"

really needs it! And, of course, there are many options here, from self-education to working with a stylist. But the main thing is to accept in yourself that you do not want to be boring and ordinary (this takes lots of courage).