How to Build a Feminine Capsule Wardrobe for Spring?

I love creating capsule wardrobes for my clients! This gives them a headache-free solution for one or two areas of their life. A capsule wardrobe is usually made out of 10-20 items and each item "goes" with every other piece.


What I noticed though is that the internet is filled with neutral capsule wardrobes and there are no examples of bright ones. The spring is almost around the corner and I decided to show you a small but fun, feminine capsule and show the process behind building it.

Capsule Wardrobe Rules

1. Define your body & color type


This is a really important step because you want a capsule wardrobe to flatter your appearance. Moreover, it should match your ideal color scheme. This capsule is created for an imaginable client that has a Romantic-Dramatic body type and Bright Winter color type. Understanding this part gives me the best direction to create a perfect wardrobe for her.


2. Understand a goal for your capsule wardrobe. Usually, a capsule wardrobe covers one area of your life: work, leisure, travel, dating life, etc. You can have several capsule wardrobes for different areas or extend one capsule to a large one. It's up to you! This capsule was created for the evening, dating, and special occasions. The goal was to create a feminine wardrobe.


3. Make sure that all items combine with each other! Each item should be able to match at least 3 items in your capsule wardrobe. This is the most important rule that you always should keep in mind. Don't get an item if it doesn't match with something.


4. Purchase only high-quality items. A capsule wardrobe is something that should serve you for a long time. So it is better if you're going to invest in good quality pieces. 


5. More tops than bottoms. This is a really important rule to follow. Always have 3 tops to 1 bottom. This way you're going to create more outfits and look different every time!

Feminine Capsule Wardrobe

I started building this capsule by thinking about a color palette. I wanted to create a feminine but yet sophisticated look. This is why I picked pink, red, blue, and white colors for this capsule wardrobe. You should always some neutral, base color and add accent colors. For my neutral color, I took a white color because it's light and perfect for the spring season. Your neutral colors can be light pinks, baby blue, beige or grey. They should match and appeal to your color type!

Each capsule is unique and special. When I'm creating a capsule wardrobe for my clients I always think about their lifestyle and the ultimate goal. Some capsules can have dresses and skirts, some capsules will only have pants and others will have everything. There is really no strict formula to create one. It's an individual work. However, you can consider having such items for your spring capsule:

  • 3 tops & blouses: plain or with patterns
  • 3 bottoms: skirt, pants
  • 1 blazer
  • 1 trench coat
  • 1 dress
  • 2-3 pairs of shoes
  • 2-3 bags
  • Accessories

Accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry) are the most important part because they can change the style and impression of your outfit. I always suggest my clients invest in this group than in clothes.

If you use 10 items the idea is to end up with 20+ outfits that fit, flatter, and make you feel happy. You can always go through your closet and pick items that can fit into your new capsule to save some money. This capsule wardrobe consists of 8 items and creates 16+ outfits. Moreover, due to the several colors outfits are going to have different moods which are perfect!

Order You Capsule Wardrobe

If you enjoyed this capsule and would love to have an easy solution you can always e-mail me and order your capsule! I'm going to help you build an ideal wardrobe that is going to fit your lifestyle and flatter your appearance. It's an ideal solution if you don't want to spend hours and hours at stores and waste your money. I provide my clients a style guide, 10-20 items & links to the items, and recommendations regarding their style. You can learn about my services here. 


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