5 Best Colors to Wear to the Office

From my previous post you've learned that color really influences perception about us. So, why not use it to your advantage? Today, I'm going to share with you the 5 best colors to wear to the office to get a promotion or nail the presentation! According to the results of studies conducted in the United States, rapid professional growth was correlated to the ability to dress fashionably and beautifully. The results of the experiment showed that workers who followed fashion were 1.5 times more likely to succeed than ones who dressed unstylishly, and 4 times more than those who didn't care at all.


So, why miss your opportunities and not use color psychology to your advantage?



The green color is associated with growth, money, and freshness. Moreover, it's a color of life, harmony, and balance. Depending on a hue of green you can create an image of a person who is stable, traditional, and open to communication. 


The green color is best used when you want to create connections and persuade another person. In this case, is recommended to wear darker green shades. For example, the blue-green hue showcases control over emotions, the ability to quickly solve and set tasks.


Green is the most changeable color. Its shades can be both calm, dynamic, modest, or shocking. This is why it's important to pick the correct shade to create a needed impression!


Conservative Look

Suite Color: dark shades of green are associated with authority and maturity

Blouse Color: white, light, and bright colors of blouses in a contrasting combination with a suit make you look authoritative and businesslike

Accessories Color: pick black, neutral, and dark colors to highlight restraint and conservatism

Communicative Look

Suite Color: muted and light shades of green make you look like an open, communicative person

Blouse Color: white, rich pastel shades do not contrast with the color of the suit and look elegant

Accessories Color: neutral, desaturated shades emphasize femininity

Creative Look

Suite Color: all bright and fresh shades are going to look bold and creative

Blouse Color: choose the most contrasting ones - white, black, all bright colors.

Accessories Color: bright and bold combinations will emphasize individuality and modernity

I won't suggest wearing olive hues to the office because this color is associated with a military uniform. If your work relies on communication it's better to select lighter shades instead.


The blue color is definitely taking the prize of being the most popular among business people. It's reliable, stable, and practical. Blue is the color of success and solidity.


The blue suit is number one in the business wardrobe. It's the most official and serious element. It represents control and management. A dark blue suit is a great alternative to a black one. Don't pick bright turquoise, ultramarine colors if you're working in a conservative business. They are too bold and not taken seriously. 


In order not to look boring in a strict blue suit, you need to pick up expensive high-quality accessories and jewelry. Depending on your color type you can pick lighter or darker shades of blue color.


Conservative Look

Suite Color: dark shades of blue are discreet and serious. These are the main base colors for a business wardrobe

Blouse Color: white, light, and bright colors of blouses in a contrasting combination with the color of the suit make you appear authoritative

Accessories Color: neutral and dark colors do not attract attention and keep your outfit restrained

Communicative Look

Suite Color: medium saturation and light shades of blue make you look confident and relaxed

Blouse Color: noncontrasting colors to the suit look elegant and fresh

Accessories Color: neutral and not saturated colors emphasize the sophistication and femininity of the business outfit

Creative Look

Suite Color: bright or fashionable shades of blue create a bold image

Blouse Color: white, black, and bright colors will create contrast and make a bold statement

Accessories Color: bright and bold colors emphasize individuality and creativity


In the early 1980s, red in a business suit was considered bold and... out of place. But after Nancy Reagan, the wife of the American president appeared at the inauguration of her husband in a red suit, red in business has become a spectacular symbol of authoritarianism. This color provokes bold deeds and unpredictable decisions. It is appropriate when there is a need to draw attention to yourself, prove a case, or impose a point of view. The red color is useful when you want to climb a corporate ladder and showcase your aggressiveness. Keep in mind that the red color can provoke different emotions. Some may consider you strong and bold, others can think that you're eager for power, assertive, uncompromising, and, probably, cruel. 


A bright red business suit should be used moderately. It is worn only on special occasions when it is necessary to create a presentable and authoritative image. Such a choice is appropriate in politics and business presentations, public speaking, social events, or a business dinner. If you're not sure about wearing red color then it's better to avoid it. Because it requires confidence. You can always substitute it for a feminine crimson color: bold but really elegant. 


Conservative Look

Suite Color: dark shades of red are associated with authority and maturity

Blouse Color: white, light, and bright

Accessories Color: black, neutral, and dark colors create a solid, respectable image

Communicative Look

Suite Color: muted shades of pink allow you to look friendly and gentle

Blouse Color: white and saturated pastel colors are going to create an elegant impression

Accessories Color: neutral and not saturated colors emphasize the sophistication and femininity of the business look


I wouldn't recommend wearing a completely pink suit to work if you have a serious presentation that day. However, paired with black accessories and bold jewelry it can create a perfect outfit for daily wear.

Creative Look

Suite Color: bright shades of red showcases power and authority

Blouse Color: contrasting combinations create a bold and brave look

Accessories Color: bright pure colors emphasize individuality and creativity

Orange & Browns

Classic color choices from orange palettes are beige and brown shades. Beige shades, according to psychologists, calm down your interlocutor and create friendly communication. These shades are ideal for those who work with people. The brown suit is a bit boring but it has a lot of meanings. In spite of that brown shades are considered conservative, they are still more relaxed, stable, and balanced than blue, black, or grey. Each brown shade is going to have its own meaning and create a certain base for details. For example, a string of soft orange beads on a brown suit looks
traditional and gentle, while a large orange bag made of expensive leather is going to create an unusual and avant-garde look.


Keep in mind that orange hues and the majority of browns are warm and won't look great if you have a cool temperature!


Conservative Look

Suite Color: dark and light neutrals orange colors are associated with professionalism and maturity

Blouse Color: white, black, light, and bright colors create a contrast and make you appear authoritative

Accessories Color: black and neutral colors do not attract attention, emphasize restraint and conservatism

Communicative Look

Suite Color: neutral and dark shades of orange allow you to look at ease

Blouse Color: noncontrasting colors make a positive impression.

Accessories Color: use neutral colors to highlight your feminine side

Why there are no orange creative examples? Because the bright orange color is too extreme for office usage. However, bold orange accessories (bags, shoes, scarves) are going to add a luxurious feel to your outfit.


Hope you're going to use this information to revise your office wardrobe. Color is an amazing tool to change your style and create an elevated image. If you want to learn more about the color you can download my free guide here! 


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