Why Discovering Your Best Colors is the Ultimate Style Hack

If you ever felt overwhelmed by your closet don't worry. It happened to the majority of us. You open your wardrobe, it's filled with stuff but you have this buzzing thought in your mind "I have nothing to wear!". 


Before becoming a personal stylist I was sick of:

  • wearing the same colors (black, grey, white)
  • guessing what is looking good on me
  • having chaos in the wardrobe with items that didn’t go together

But I knew what I wanted:

  • to feel gorgeous and confident in ALL of my clothes
  • to have a perfect wardrobe with matching pieces
  • to know exactly what suits me while shopping

The thing I wasn't sure where to start. Until I booked a session with a stylist who taught me about seasonal color analysis!


It really opened my eyes and I realized that I have so many different shades to wear!


When you're wearing the wrong colors near your face it makes you look older, tired, overwhelmed, and washed out. The right colors just fix all of this and make you look radiant!


Plus, shopping becomes so much easier. You just walk into a store, check items that have your colors and you just ignore everything else! It's like a miracle!


After this experience, I really realized the power of seasonal color typing and decided to get certified in it. The thing is that majority of current courses and stylists practice outdated 12 season color analysis. Because in reality there are 16 color types! I won't go into details here but you can check my blog post here about this.


And I started to practice this method with my clients and the results were phenomenal! I created color guides with color palettes for each color type, explained how to work with color, and noticed how my clients became so much more confident with color. 


Here is an example of a color palette (Dark Winter) that I made for myself. Do you see how colors compliment me?


If you’re looking for an easy way to look better, younger, and use color psychology to achieve things you want, there is no better way than start with personal color analysis and discover your best colors!


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Below you can see a guide that my clients get. They get EVERYTHING they need to know about colors to use this information daily with ease. Like:


  • Do you want to know what colors are best for your eyes? Check!
  • Not sure what color dye your hair? Check!
  • Want to update your makeup bag but a bit lost with shades? Check!

+ much more!


I highly recommend starting your style journey with knowing your best colors. It's a simple way to achieve the desired image and elevate your look.

If you want to learn more about color and stop being afraid of it, I created a FREE guide that you can download below. It explains the best methods to mix colors and create a cohesive wardrobe.