How to Attract More Clients with Archetypes on Instagram and Elevate Your Personal Branding?

Unlocking the potential of archetypes on Instagram can be a game-changer in attracting a larger clientele while refining your personal brand. Understanding how to strategically leverage these archetypes is not just about captivating visuals; it's about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience, drawing them closer to your brand and services.


  • What Are Archetypes in Personal Branding?
  • Why to Implement Archetypes for Your Instagram?
  • How to Use Archetypes for Your Instagram Strategy?
  • How to Find Out Your Archetypes?
  • 12 Archetypes Social Media Guide
  • Examples of Using Archetypes for Instagram Feed

What Are Archetypes in Personal Branding?

If you're not familiar with the archetypes, let me explain. Archetypes are essentially universal symbols or patterns deeply ingrained in our collective unconscious. They're the fundamental building blocks of human experiences and behaviors, recurring throughout history and across cultures.


These archetypes represent timeless themes, characters, and motivations that resonate with everyone on a subconscious level. Think of them as the core essence behind the stories we tell, the brands we love, and even the styles we embrace.


Imagine the 'Hero' archetype as seen in classic tales—the valiant figure facing daunting challenges to bring about positive change. Think of characters like Harry Potter or Wonder Woman. They embody bravery, determination, and a relentless pursuit of justice.


Now, translate this into branding: Nike's 'Just Do It' campaign embodies the 'Hero' archetype, urging individuals to conquer obstacles and achieve greatness through their products. The swoosh logo becomes a symbol of empowerment, motivating consumers to embark on their personal quests.


In personal style, consider someone who resonates with the 'Hero' archetype—they might lean towards bold, confident fashion choices. They exude strength in their clothing choices, embracing powerful colors or statement pieces that reflect their inner courage and resilience.


This archetype isn’t just a character; it's a universally recognized pattern that invokes emotions and inspires action, whether in stories, brands, or even personal fashion choices.

Why to Implement Archetypes for Your Instagram?

Consider two relationship coaches using distinct archetypes in their approach. The first coach embodies the 'Rebel' archetype, emphasizing independence, bravery, and self-assurance. Her Instagram showcases stories of empowerment, posts advocating for taking bold steps in relationships, and quotes about self-reliance. People resonate with her unwavering stance and consistent messaging, finding solace in her empowering content.


Now, let's contrast this with another coach whose archetype is the 'Caregiver.' Her Instagram radiates with family values, traditional relationship advice, and content centered around children and home. Her followers trust her for nurturing wisdom, and seeking guidance in building strong familial connections. Her messaging is clear, resonating deeply with those seeking a nurturing approach to relationships.


On the flip side, imagine a third coach whose Instagram lacks a consistent theme. She posts a mishmash of content, sometimes about bravery, occasionally about family, and occasionally about unrelated topics. This inconsistency muddles her message, making it hard for followers to grasp her coaching style or relate to her brand. As a result, her sales suffer due to the lack of a coherent and compelling narrative.


In essence, the coaches who align their content with clear archetypes create a focused and resonant message, attracting clients seeking that specific approach. On the other hand, inconsistency in messaging can dilute the brand's impact and lead to difficulties in attracting and retaining clients.

How to Use Archetypes for Your Instagram Strategy?

To use archetypes properly to draw sales and clients in your business you need to understand that it should take a holistic approach. 


  • Visuals: Imagine your Instagram feed as a canvas for your archetype. For the "Explorer" archetype, your visuals could feature breathtaking landscapes – picture yourself posing atop a mountain or capturing the vastness of an open road. Use filters or color schemes that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration, drawing your audience into the thrill of discovery.
  • Background and Places: Your backdrop can speak volumes about your brand's archetype. If you resonate with the "Sage" archetype, imagine your content set against the backdrop of serene libraries, ancient temples, or tranquil gardens. Showcasing moments of reflection or sharing insights against such backdrops conveys wisdom and contemplation effortlessly.
  • Fashion Style: Let your style be an extension of your archetype. For instance, if your brand aligns with the "Lover" archetype, showcase your fashion choices with elegance and sophistication. Picture yourself in glamorous attire, adorned with luxurious accessories that exude opulence. Whether it's a stunning evening gown or a sharply tailored suit, your fashion choices should reflect refinement and allure.
  • Language: Craft your captions and language to mirror the essence of your archetype. If your brand embodies the "Jester" archetype, infuse your captions with witty humor and playful banter. Engage your audience with clever wordplay or humorous anecdotes that bring a smile to their faces. Using emojis or quirky language creates a lighthearted and entertaining tone that resonates with your audience's sense of fun.
  • Colors: Imagine your brand embodies the "Sage" archetype, representing wisdom and insight. Colors like deep blues and purples resonate well, reflecting stability and intelligence. These colors can be incorporated into your Instagram visuals to convey a sense of trustworthiness and expertise, aligning perfectly with the Sage archetype. Your color choices should be aligned with your archetype branding and your own color type :)

By aligning these elements – your visuals, backdrop, fashion choices, colors, and language – with your chosen archetype, you create a captivating and cohesive Instagram presence that authentically reflects your brand's personality and resonates deeply with your audience.

How to Find Out Your Archetypes?

Finding your core archetypes can be done in different ways. You can try online tests, talk with a coach, or explore their birth chart. I offer a customized questionnaire, personal chats, and a detailed look at their birth chart to uncover their core archetypes. This mix of options helps ensure a thorough understanding.


When you discover your core archetypes, creating content and expressing your values becomes effortless. It's like having a roadmap that guides every message you share, making your communication clearer and more authentic. This clarity saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. It gives you a strong foundation to align your content with your brand's essence, fostering consistency and resonance. This, in turn, enhances engagement and fosters deeper connections with your audience, leading to a more loyal and responsive following. And obviously sales ;)


Here is an example of one of the archetype guides that I've created for my client. The guide covers a psychological description of each archetype, color palette, style, and Instagram feed moodboard.

12 Archetypes for Instagran & Branding E-Guide

If you want a complete guide on applying archetypes to your social media and Instagram content, grab this e-guide! I've covered all 12 archetypes and shared numerous examples in this 50-page guide, including:

  • Information on where to start with visual content
  • Descriptions of the 12 primary archetypes
  • How to plan your feed's color scheme
  • Color psychology insights
  • Different types of visual composition
  • Instagram examples for each archetype
  • Connecting archetypes, body types, and color types
  • 60 pages of valuable information

This is a great guide to get into the archetypes and understand how to translate your values to attract perfect clients!


You can purchase this guide right now for $25! 


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