Angelina Jolie Color Season: Complete Color Analysis Within 16 Color Types

Angelina Jolie's color season has intrigued many, leading to a quest for her perfect palette. But why do stylists often get it wrong? Let's uncover the reasons behind this fashion enigma.

Before you hit that scroll, let's take a pause. Understanding color typing, especially with celebrities, isn't a quick peek—it's a journey that adds depth to their style story.


I work within the 16-color season system as it yields precise results in color typing. The additional four color types, ensure accurate categorization without blending different types together, leading to more precise outcomes. So, I'm going to show you my process of color typing and I hope you're going to enjoy it!


Today, we're diving into Angelina Jolie's color type. She's been linked to almost every color season out there—except Spring! From Soft Winter to Deep Summer, Soft Autumn, Deep Autumn, and Soft Summer, her palette's been a topic of debate. Let's untangle this colorful web and uncover what truly suits Angelina's style.

How to Start Color Analysis?

Step one in my process? Gathering material—lots of it, especially when it comes to analyzing celebrities! There's a bonus: tons of different photos showcasing various outfits and makeup choices. But, here's the catch—editing, heavy makeup, and staged settings can be a challenge. That's why diving through hundreds and hundreds of photos becomes crucial when unraveling the true style of celebrities.


Alright, picture this: my laptop, loaded with an enormous stash of photos. Now, I won't reveal every step because, believe me, it's a marathon of analysis and requires some serious know-how. But here's the usual drill:


Step one? Defining contrast—seeing how colors play off each other.

Next up, temperature—understanding the warm and cool tones at play.

Then comes the fun part—nailing down the proper season that fits.

Finally, it's all about figuring out the precise season type that truly matches.


I'm going to show you step by step process in this post.

First Step. Find Out Angelina Jolie Contrast

Let's break down these three images featuring different shades from pure black to light grey. With the pure black, notice how it overpowers Angelina Jolie—her presence almost fades into the darkness. Not only that, but the deep black brings heavy shadows, giving off a tired appearance. This immediately raises a flag—she might not fit within the Deep Winter palette, and possibly not within any Winter season (but we'll confirm this later). So, what's the key? She requires a lighter contrast.


Enter the medium contrast grey in the middle image. Here, there's an evenness—the balance between her face and the grey block feels just right. It's harmonious and seems to suit her well.


Now, the light grey in the third image doesn't quite cut it. While her face pops, the color block fades into the background. This suggests that she doesn't fall into the low-contrast category.


So, Angelina Jolie has a medium contrast, and quite a lot of color seasons fit into this category. But which one is it?

Second Step. Find Out Angelina Jolie Skin Tempreture

Let's dive into the temperature analysis. Now, this particular photo comes with an orange, warm background that might throw you off if you're not trained to spot these subtleties. I've selected it for its excellent quality, despite the challenging warm tones.


In the first two images, observe the colors that undoubtedly carry warm temperatures. What do we notice? I see a distinct effect—unclean facial tones, and heightened shadows. Even with Angelina's impeccable makeup, there's an unsettling and almost dirty appearance.


On the flip side, look at the two photos featuring cool color blocks. Here's where the magic happens—a clean, beautifying effect takes center stage.


Search her photos online, and you'll stumble upon a picture of Angelina in an emerald, cool-tone dress that's simply stunning. Why does it work so well? Because she has cool temperature skin tone!

Third Step. Discover Which Color Season 

Considering the findings from our previous assessments—Angelina Jolie's medium contrast and cool temperature—she aligns with both Winter and Summer color seasons. But which one suits her best?


Winter color types boast coolness, depth, and purity, while Summers showcase coolness, lightness, and softness.


To put this to the test, I've placed Angelina's photos against key shades for Winter and Summer color types. Notice how against the bright blue background, suitable for Winter, it creates a layering effect, making it hard to focus on her face. However, on the deep, green background, there's a unifying effect, presenting a cohesive image.


Moving to the bright pink backdrop, she's overpowered, yet against the light, soft background, she radiates beauty and harmony.


The conclusion drawn from this test indicates that Angelina Jolie fits within the Summer Season. But which specific type of Summer? Before we explore further, let's debunk the other options.

Why Angelina Jolie is Not Soft Winter

The Soft Winter color type exists within a 16-color type system, and some stylists familiar with Soft Winter might consider placing Angelina Jolie in this season. Soft Winter possesses an unusual characteristic for winter types—softness. While Angelina might find some resonance with the softer palette of Soft Winter, the fact remains that Soft Winter still belongs within the Winter seasons. This association with contrast and purity creates an inherent conflict. Despite the softness, the underlying traits of contrast and purity within Winter types present a mismatch for Angelina.


When we place the Soft Winter color palette near Angelina Jolie's face, even though the colors are muted, they still overpower her. Additionally, the contrast between these colors, ranging from deep to light, doesn't complement her. Verdict? She doesn't align with the Soft Winter palette.

Why Angelina Jolie is Not Soft Autumn

The confusion around Angelina Jolie's typing as Soft Autumn by some stylists is rooted in the nuanced characteristics of this seasonal palette. Soft Autumn's defining features include warm and muted tones, which, at first glance, might seem to align with certain aspects of Angelina's appearance.


However, where the confusion arises is in Soft Autumn's blend of softness, muted tones, and a mix of medium contrast. This mix often leads to a misinterpretation of the palette's overall effect. The softness in Soft Autumn's palette, coupled with its somewhat undefined temperature, creates a sense of ambiguity. This ambiguity can cause stylists to mistakenly associate Angelina with Soft Autumn due to some shared characteristics, despite the underlying mismatch with her cool temperature and overall appearance.


Soft Autumn's color palette is still warm and creates a visual imbalance when juxtaposed with Angelina's natural coloring. This lack of harmony indicates that Angelina Jolie doesn't fit the Soft Autumn color palette.

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Why Angelina Jolie is Not Deep Autumn

Comparatively, Deep Autumn seems to have a slightly better resonance than Soft Autumn with Angelina, attributed to her medium contrast. However, it's not a perfect match. The appeal of deeper shades on Angelina correlates with her medium contrast. Nevertheless, the mismatch arises from temperature; Deep Autumn, characterized by warmth, depth, and softness, doesn't align with Angelina's cooler tones. This search highlights a pattern: a need for a blend of medium depth and softness that complements her cool undertones while incorporating a touch of lightness—a unique combination within the 16 color types.


For now, removing Deep Autumn from consideration, let's explore the Summer Seasons, which earlier seemed to better complement Angelina's appearance."

Why Angelina Jolie is Not Soft Summer

Following the analysis, it's evident that we're in search of a unique blend—softness intertwined with both lightness and darkness. This intriguing combination is precisely why Soft Summer doesn't align with Angelina Jolie. Soft Summer's dual softness, coupled with a lack of the necessary contrast, results in Jolie appearing washed out and pallid within the Soft Summer palette.


Soft Summer did offer the coolness required, but it fell short in depth. On the other hand, Winter's darkness was excessive for Angelina's palette. That leaves us with the one remaining viable option: Deep Summer.

Angelina Jolie is Deep Summer Color Season

At last, the journey leads us to the perfect color season for Angelina Jolie—Deep Summer! This palette embodies precisely what Jolie requires to shine and exude absolute fabulousness: a cool temperature that harmonizes flawlessly with her natural undertones, a balanced medium contrast that complements her features without overpowering them, a touch of softness that enhances her overall appearance, and hues infused with just the right amount of black-grey pigments. It's the ideal combination that brings out the best in her, striking a harmonious balance across all elements of color and tone.


When comparing Deep Summer to Soft Summer, the colors of Deep Summer exhibit more saturation and depth, distinguishing it as the deepest among the summer seasons. Foundational colors include rich berry hues, burgundy, charcoal, and deep forest green. Given its depth, Deep Summer is often mistakenly classified as Winter. This confusion often arises when stylists analyze Angelina Jolie's color type.


Soft Winter, Deep Summer, and Soft Autumn are frequently mistaken for each other due to their shared dominances of 'Softness + Deepness.' This is precisely why accurately determining the correct color type demands a discerning eye and an objective approach.

The Conclusion

Voilà! After diving into a rainbow of options, we've uncovered Angelina Jolie's style secret: Deep Summer. It's the cool, medium-contrast, touch-of-softness palette that lights up her look! I Hope this journey has shed some light on proper color typing and brought a splash of joy to your day. 


Color typing is like a stylish puzzle—it needs top-notch photos, a dash of practice, and a truckload of patience. When it comes to celebrities, oh boy, it's a rollercoaster! Everyone's got an opinion, and mistakes? Yep, they're part of the color game. Plus, with stylists rocking different systems, finding the true hue? It's a full-blown quest. 

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