How to Paint a Cute Teapot with Gouache?

I love gouache paints. I think it's one of the most underestimated paints! I've painted with gouache in my childhood and decided to try it out again. I defiantly love it more than acrylic paints. So today I want to show you how to use gouache paints and what you should consider when using them.


I decided to paint my favorite teapot from 2Tea. I feel that everyone has their favorite teapot, cups and home decor things. And I thought it would be a wonderful idea to paint it.


Picking Colors

 You will need only 5 paint gouache tubes for this illustration:

- White

- Any Pink Shade

- Green

- Black

- Yellow

- Golden Acrylic Paint for details


I love using Winsor & Newtown gouache paints and Holbein Gouache. They have the amazing color selection and beautiful quality.


Paper Choice

You can pick any paper you want! I advise 200gsm watercolor paper with a little bit of texture.


Step One

Draw your teapot on a print paper and sketch the shape out. Then transfer the drawing on watercolor paper. I do this step because I don't want to damage watercolor paper. In my case, I used a window to transfer a drawing. But if you're the lucky one and have a light table - use it!


I didn't draw flowers on this stage because they would be covered in paint anyway. 

Step Two

Mix your colors! I mixed a light pink color and added whitewashes to create a marble effect. After you painted the base add flowers, leaves and details! Make sure to not use to much water because gouache paint has a tendency to change colors. Plus, I love it when you can see paint texture. 

Use a smaller, pointy brush for thin parts. 


Step Three

Add golden details! In my illustration, I used golden acrylic paint to create golden lines, top of the teapot and butterflies. Exactly like my real teapot from T2 Tea. 


And that's it! If you want to watch the whole painting process you can watch my YouTube video.

And here is the result! I already have one finished illustration that I framed into a golden frame. You can check how it looks in my YouTube video.

I hope this post was useful and inspired you to get some gouache paints and create your own illustration. If you're interested to buy an illustration like this - please email me and I'll paint your favorite teapot or cups!