Capsule Shoe Wardrobe Guide For Any Lady

The capsule wardrobe doesn't end with picking perfect clothes! It only ends when you have shoes & accessories picked and ready to go. Last week I posted on my Instagram a fun shoe game! I highly advise to check this post before reading this article because it would be more fun for you to compare answers!


Let's speak what is a capsule shoe wardrobe? How to pick shoes that will be always on trend? What should we consider when buying shoes? It really requires analysis to pick perfect pairs that deserve our investment. 


This category of shoes includes everything that will be popular only for this season or one-two year max! Trends come and go. And the majority of times they become money wasters. I put some trendy shoes in my picture. Let's discuss why they are not the best investment! There are lots of shoes that share these qualities and you should be really careful when shopping!

N10 - You may think that these boots look like basic boots. But they are not! The sharp triangle heel is not considered as basic. These types of boots can be ankle or knee boots, with details or without; however, they are extremely hard to style and the majority of times look outdated.


N7 - These sneakers scream "TRENDS!". Such an amount of crystals and details may look good only with certain outfits and make them a hard piece to style. We can also add this model to "Fantasy" which I'll cover later.


N13 - Super trendy sandal model nowadays. But this trend will be over soon and it does require to have a certain wardrobe. Even though these sandals are designed by a super lux brand it's a pass.


N15 - A lot of my subscribers picked these heels as a basic shoe. I can see why: beige color and simple design. But front ribbons put us in a position where we would only be able to wear these heels in a romantic style outfit. Unless you wear lots of dresses and skirts that don't cover your ankles these heels are not the best choice.

Fantasy Shoes

These shoes are easy to spot in stores! They have lots of design elements & funny shapes. They may look good; however, styling them requires effort and proper planning. I included several other examples of fantasy shoes that were not in my original picture. They may look fun like an addition into your wardrobe but they are definitely not basic capsule shoes.

N2 - Lovely, almost classic shaped boot. But the amount of embroidery makes it a statement shoe and not the essential one.

The blue heels look stylish but again it's a trendy shoe with unusual heels. It will require a certain clothing style to wear them.

Beautiful pink, kitten heels from Dolce & Gabbana. If they would be just plain pink - they would be essential heels in your wardrobe. But the details make them too complex for such a role.

The last one has a really futuristic style and putting them to any wardrobe is almost impossible. The color is gorgeous though.

​Essential Shoes

As you guessed all other shoes are essential! I know I put some tricky shoes there and not everyone guessed them correctly. These shoes nonetheless can fit any wardrobe. Especially if you picked them according to your fashion style, body proportions and goals (all of these I cover in my consultations with my clients). All of them are great investments. So, let me explain.


N1 - High knee boots became an essential base! I love my boots from Stuart Weitzman and I highly advise getting a pair from them. They are easy to style and look great on anyone!


N9 - Classic, stylish ankle boots. You can pick any color you want that will fit into your wardrobe! Don't focus only on black&brown. Perfect boots for fall & winter season.


N14, N3 - These are the classic heels that every lady should have. Here I want to mention that any animal pattern is considered to be neutral. Surprise. So, don't be scared to pick animal prints and bold colors. 


N5 - These mules on heels look elegant and expensive. They won't go out of style any time soon. You can pick models without a heel but make sure they don't have a crazy amount of details.


N4 - Kitten heels. Some may say that this trend will pass. I disagree. They are comfortable to wear every single day, look stylish & simple.


N8 - Loafers shoes are classic! Definitely add them to your shoe wardrobe. Just make sure that they are comfortable and their color works with your closet.


N12 - Basic color sneakers. When you're on a go and you need to wear sneakers pick ones with least details and elements. Definitely a must who care about comfort.

​I hope you enjoyed this fun game! I'm planning to make more posts like that soon. Let me know what shoes do you consider essential in your wardrobe. Remember that creating a perfect wardrobe requires time & patience; however, you can always get personal fashion consultation! 

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