Dwyn Larson Beauty Type System - A Magic System for Fashion Styling? My Personal Story

Today I want to introduce you to the Dwyn Larson beauty type system. For some reason, the western stylists & women are more familiar with outdated "fruits" body types and Kibbe systems. When I found about Larson's system there was no way back! It transformed not only my appearance but also my inner confidence. This is why I received a personal fashion certification to introduce this system to more women and give them fashion consultations. Let's discuss why I ADORE it.

Personal Story First

From my middle school until 2018 I've struggled with dressing myself! I always felt that something is not right and felt stressed when went shopping. Nothing just fit me right! This was the first signal to me that I'm missing something. I didn't want to wear basic clothes and feel insecure about my appearance. Yes, I had outfits that looked great on me but I couldn't find a pattern that I can follow. I was thinking that fashion is not for me. (How Silly!). I have long legs, arms, super slim proportions and you would think that I can wear anything! It wasn't the case. I felt unsettled because I saw so many gorgeous ladies around me who dressed so nicely! (And yes, I was bullied at school sometimes for my appearance - this also left a mark on my confidence a bit). The 4-type body system just didn't work on me and I felt that something is wrong with it. So, when I found about Dwyn Larson beauty type system everything changed!


This system opened my eyes to geometric body typing. It allowed me to perfectly know my proportions, body architecture, colors, patterns, fabrics, lengths and etc! It just covered everything! I was so impressed with the results that I've decided to take a certified fashion program and help other women to feel gorgeous in all situations.

Geometric Body Typing

You probably heard about "hourglass", "pear" and other types of figures. Right? Well, they are all outdated and don't tell anything! Look at the image below. Here are beautiful ladies with an "hourglass" figure; however, they are all different! It will be impossible to give them the same fashion recommendations. This is why I don't practice or recommend this system.

Here is my YouTube video explaining my mainstream body typing doesn't work!

Larson's system breaks the figure into parts and considers each part's proportions! This is the only system that accounts for faces proportions, lines and contrasts. It helps me to give individual recommendations on clothes, fabrics, patterns, hair styling and other things! Dwyn introduced 32(!!!!) beauty types and they cover everybody! Here you can see a scheme from her book. The thing is that her system should be mixed with other styling techniques that I use in my work. It's a complex system that requires a great eye, practice and understanding of the body. This is why it's impossible to find out your type yourself. 

Her system is based on proportions, angles, lines and contrast. It is super logical and there is no guessing. Her theory (that she proved by testing it on 1000+ women) is based on the principle of similarity. This means that your proportions should be reflected in your style! This allows us to really understand why one female should wear broken
silhouette pieces with a belt and why other women will long gorgeous in long, linen dresses. 


This system also allows to give perfect recommendations and create unique wardrobes! I don't like it when other stylist says "You can wear anything!". I feel it's irresponsible. Instead, the stylist should give recommendations on how to wear pieces harmoniously.

Here is Cate Blanchett - a typical Dramatic with sharp, long lines. On the left, she has dressed appropriately to her body type and she looks sharp & gorgeous! On the right, she is wearing clothes from another beauty type and doesn't look great. (On top of that the right outfit is not her archetype).

Why Use Dwyn Larson's Body Type System?

  • You will know what clothes suit you
  • You will pick length & cuts correctly
  • You will wear your patterns
  • You will know what to avoid in stores
  • You will feel relaxed when shopping
  • You will have a perfect wardrobe
  • You will save your time
  • You will pick correct accessories
  • You will know your make-up styles
  • You will understand your hairstyles
  • You will feel confident & elegant
  • You will save money on shopping

I love this system. It opens so many possibilities and correct results for clients! Moreover, I combine the Dwyn Larson system with my understanding of archetypes which is an incredible mix for personal branding & image-making. I hope this article explained to you why this system is unique and useful! Definitely, body typing is not about putting frames into your style. It's about giving you tools to understand yourself and be a better version! Plus, as one wise person told me "You can't play football on a roof without a fence. There will be no game!". You can always check my fashion styling services here and I'd love to work with you! 

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