How to Wear Animal Prints With Ease?

I love prints! They add so much character to your outfits and make them interesting. There are lots of kinds of prints from florals to geometric ones. But today I want to speak about the animal prints because there is a lot of confusion about them. Before I'm going you give my tips on how to wear animal prints I want to emphasize the importance of wearing your prints! Yes, there is such thing. 


You can read my blog post about Dwyn Larson beauty & body type system and see the examples of how wrongly picked clothes can destroy your looks. This is why it's important to wear prints that suit us. However, there is a really easy fix if you want to wear any print - wear it in your leg zone! Like in my photos below. Now, let me show how to properly mix and wear animal prints.

Tip #1. Combine Print with the Same Colors

The simple way to combine different prints is to pick them in a similar color or combine with clothes that have this color. For example, black leopard tights and black snake skirt. Here are more examples for this method.

One the left picture you can see a total look with a snake prints. On the right, two different prints but in the same color family. 

On the left, great example of picking three different prints (zebra, snake and geometry) in black and white color palette. This gives cohesiveness to the whole outfit. The orange outfits is definately a brave one but I love how she combines orange snake and tiger prints together! Moreover, she add an interesting t-shirt with an orange tiger or dragon on top of it. This t-shirt combined the whole idea of outfit together. 

Tip #2. Same Print - Different Colors

You can pick same print, like leopard plus leopard, but in different colors! This way you're going to have cohesiveness in print but contrast in color. It's a bit harder to create such looks because you need to find the same print. But it's worth trying it out - looks fun and creative!

These examples were harder to find but I hope you get the idea from these two coats!

Tip #3. Color Block + Print

This one is the easiest method. You're just going to pick an animal print and combine it with a block of color. Just remember that prints call for attention and it's important to be strategic about their placement. Don't wear prints in zone that you don't want to highlight. 

Whatever method you pick don't be afraid of wearing animal prints! They add spiciness to a look. Obviously, every animal print has its own psychological associations. Like, snake print - fast, dangerous and sleek; zebra - calm, friendly and fast.


As always,

dress flawlessly!