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Dark Autumn Color Type

As the vibrant hues of summer gracefully transition into the rich and earthy tones of autumn, it feels only fitting to delve into the captivating world of the Dark Autumn color type. Having previously explored the cool and dramatic palette of the Winter color type, the shift to Autumn brings with it a warmth and depth that is truly unique.


In this blog post, we'll uncover the essence of the Dark Autumn color type, a season that embodies the richness of fallen leaves, the smoldering glow of a cozy fire, and the intriguing allure of deeper, more intense shades. So, let's embark on this journey of discovery, as we celebrate the beauty of autumn's most enchanting colors.

Dark Autumn Moodboard

Creating a Dark Autumn moodboard is like painting a vivid autumn landscape with color swatches. Picture deep, earthy browns and rustic reds mingling with the warmth of burnt orange and spicy terracotta. These hues conjure up images of crisp, fallen leaves underfoot and the cozy glow of a crackling bonfire. 


For those who resonate with the Dark Autumn Color Type, it's all about embracing the warm and earthy tones that perfectly complement your complexion.


With warm undertones and a wealth of captivating hues, the Dark Autumn moodboard mirrors the cozy allure of fallen leaves, the crackling warmth of a bonfire, and the captivating magic of this season. It's like a walk through a sun-kissed forest, with the aroma of earthy leaves and the promise of pumpkin-spiced delights in the air.

Similar to the Dark Winter type, the Dark Autumn type has a distinct characteristic - dark hair and dark eyes. However, warmth is also evident in this type. Hair may have a pronounced chestnut hue, or the eyes can be very warm. Eye colors can range from dark brown to rich olive or walnut, or they can be almost black. The natural hair colors may include dark brown, chestnut, and deep chestnut.


This means that the Dark Autumn should stay away from cool, bright colors because they will hide the natural beauty of this color season.


There are several celebrities with this color type: Paula Abdul, Natalie Portman, Raquel Welch, and Eva Mendes.

Outfit Color Schemes for Dark Autumn

When it comes to curating your wardrobe as a Dark Autumn, remember to give priority to warm and deep hues for clothing items near your face. Opting for shades that are too soft or light might not harmonize with the richness of your warm undertones. By selecting warm and deep tones, you can accentuate your natural warmth and create a harmonious and captivating look.


The Dark Autumn palette embodies the essence of autumn with its warm undertones, evoking the cozy embrace of the season. The colors within this palette are imbued with a rich and earthy quality.


Even if you explore cooler colors like blues, you'll find versions that maintain a warm undertone. Additionally, the palette offers limited cool-based colors, instead showcasing a wealth of warm browns and spicy oranges – shades that inherently lean towards the warm end of the spectrum, mirroring the captivating warmth of autumn.

Outfit Ideas for Dark Autumn

When it comes to the Dark Autumn palette, you have plenty of creative freedom to play with colors. Certain combinations naturally harmonize with your appearance, emphasizing the inherent contrasts.


A timeless choice for Dark Autumn is the pairing of deep, rich shades with vibrant accents – a combination that truly shines within this palette.

You can also experiment by blending darker neutral tones with lively, complementary hues. For example, consider combining a deep, earthy brown with a pop of fiery orange. Conversely, lighter neutrals can be perfectly complemented with vibrant accents. Think of soft beige paired with a touch of bold, deep red.


While wearing a full outfit in either dark or light shades is entirely possible, introducing some contrast typically elevates your look, creating a more captivating and balanced ensemble. I'd recommend steering clear of extreme opposites like neon yellow and deep purple, as they can be overpowering. Instead, opt for a mix of a neutral tone and an accent color to achieve a well-balanced and striking appearance.

If you find yourself disliking warm tones and the autumn palette, there are still ways to work with your natural features while accommodating your preferences. I would recommend embracing your natural hair color, as it often complements your skin tone perfectly. To add warmth, consider using makeup in shades that match your color type, allowing you to introduce some warmth without committing to a full warm wardrobe.


You can also incorporate warm accessories, like scarves or jewelry, to infuse a touch of autumnal charm into your outfits without overwhelming yourself with warm colors. When it comes to clothing, opt for neutral colors as your base and introduce cool tones for bottoms or outerwear. While this approach may not accentuate your beauty to its fullest potential, it can serve as a compromise that allows you to express your style while still considering your color type. Ultimately, fashion should reflect your personality and comfort, so finding a balance that works for you is key.

You can learn more on how to mix & match colors in my FREE guide here:

Makeup Ideas for Dark Autumn

When it comes to makeup for Dark Autumn, you have a stunning array of colors at your disposal. These hues are perfectly suited to enhance your natural warmth and depth. Consider incorporating shades like pine green and emerald, reminiscent of the lush forest. Rust, tomato red, and deep turquoise also shine brilliantly on your complexion.


While bright turquoise and Chinese blue are typically associated with Winter color types, due to your depth, you can effortlessly pull them off too. Embrace these vibrant blues when you want to make a bold statement.


For a touch of warmth and richness, delve into shades like golden yellow, terracotta, and deep apricot. These colors are exclusive to you, as they exude the warmth that complements your Dark Autumn undertones.


To create a striking makeup look, consider pairing the brightest shades from your palette with the deepest ones. For instance, you could blend a rich rust eyeshadow with a pop of emerald eyeliner. This contrast will beautifully accentuate your features and showcase the depth and warmth of your complexion.

Remember to focus on balance. If you opt for bold and colorful eye makeup, consider a neutral or warm-toned lip color to harmonize your overall look.


For your lip colors as a Dark Autumn, tap into the boldness inherent in your palette. Think rich reds, deep berries, and vibrant plums – these hues add a touch of drama to your look, harmonizing beautifully with your warm undertones. Experimenting with these bold lip colors can elevate your overall appearance, bringing out the best in your Dark Autumn complexion.

Colors to Avoid

Considering that Dark Autumn is characterized by depth and warmth, it's important to be aware of colors that may not complement your natural palette.


Avoid lighter and cooler shades, as they can be less flattering. Colors like white, pastels, and muted tones, including dusty blues and pinks, may make your naturally rich coloring appear dull and washed out.


Additionally, steer clear of very cool and frosty colors, such as intense pinks and bluish greys, as they may clash with your warm and inviting natural appearance.

How to Truly Know if You're Dark Autumn?

The only way is to get a consultation from a professional stylist. I don't mind DIY methods; however, there are subtle nuances that can change the whole picture. It's about ensuring you've correctly identified your temperature and analyzing the contrast (using black and white filters on your photos won't suffice!). After that, you need to check the tonality of your skin and other factors to discover your true color type.


Instead of guessing which colors suit you best and potentially making expensive shopping mistakes, I can help you determine your exact seasonal color type and provide personalized recommendations for your wardrobe and makeup.


Benefits of hiring a professional stylist:

  • 100% Accuracy: Receive precise color analysis.
  • Personalized Color Palette: Get a color palette tailored to YOUR unique beauty.
  • Comprehensive Color Guide: Access a complete guide for outfits, makeup, and hair.
  • Outfit Ideas: Get personalized outfit ideas and color combinations.
  • Eye-Enhancing Colors: Discover colors that enhance your eyes.


Feel free to schedule a consultation today and begin your journey toward crafting a wardrobe that boosts your confidence and beauty. I offer online color analysis sessions using the comprehensive 16 seasonal color types system to accentuate your unique appearance. Don't miss out on the opportunity to book your FREE consultation with me right here!

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