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Pure Winter Color Type

Greetings, aficionados of color!


While the sun blazes and summer vibes are in full swing, let's take a moment to step away from the warmth and immerse ourselves in the captivating realm of winter hues. In our journey through the world of color types, we've previously explored the distinctive traits of Dark, Soft, and Light Winter categories. Today, however, our focus gracefully shifts towards shedding light on the Pure (True/Clear) Winter color type – a palette that emanates its own unique allure.


Picture the stark brilliance of sunlight bouncing off unblemished snow, the crystal-clear expanse of a winter sky, and the arresting vibrancy of berries against a backdrop of white. The Pure Winter Color Type encapsulates these elements and more. So, as we find respite from the summer heat, let's unravel the intricacies and wonders of this refined winter palette.


In the pages ahead, we'll meticulously examine the defining characteristics of the Pure Winter color type, explore its most flattering and compelling shades, and learn how to tastefully incorporate them

Pure Winter Moodboard

Let's delve into the world of the Pure Winter moodboard, where cool tones take the spotlight and bold contrasts rule. For those in the Pure Winter Color Type, warm colors aren't your go-to. Instead, you'll want to embrace shades that match your cool undertones.


The True Winter palette is all about cool and vibrant. It's a mix of high-contrast shades that cover the extremes of light, deep, and brightness. Think of it as the essence of winter in colors. With cool undertones and strong contrasts, the True Winter palette reflects the clear, crisp feel of winter days and nights.

If you belong to the Pure Winter color type, it's crucial to stay away from Muted and Soft colors. Instead, focus on selecting shades that embody the following characteristics: pure, cool, and deep.


When picking darker shades, go for colors that are rich and vibrant. Avoid going too dark, as it can hide your natural glow. Choose deep tones that keep their boldness while matching your overall palette. This way, your colors will work well with your cool undertones and make you look even more beautiful.


There are several celebrities with this color type: Courteney Cox, Megan Fox and Paula Dean.

Outfit Color Schemes for Pure Winter

When it comes to assembling your wardrobe as a Pure Winter, remember to prioritize bright and cool shades for clothing items near your face. Opting for shades that are too soft or light might not complement the crispness of your cool undertones. By selecting vibrant and cool tones, you can enhance your natural radiance and create a balanced and striking appearance.


Shifting our focus to the True Winter palette, it perfectly blends coolness with brightness. This palette occupies the coolest and iciest segment of winter colors, characterized by a clear blue undertone. The colors within this palette have a sharp and frosty quality.


Staying in line with the core essence of this season, the colors distinctly lean towards the cool spectrum. This signifies a prevalence of shades with blue undertones, completely devoid of any hint of yellow undertones. Even if you opt for yellow, the warmest shade in the color spectrum, you'll still encounter versions that maintain a cool demeanor. Moreover, the palette offers minimal yellow-based colors, instead presenting an abundance of blue hues and icy pinks – colors that inherently lean towards the cool end of the spectrum.

Outfit Ideas for Pure Winter

When it comes to the True Winter palette, you have a lot of room to mix and match colors. Some combinations naturally look better, and these are the ones that mirror the contrast already in your appearance.


A classic pick for True Winter is black and white – a duo that shines brightest in this palette.

You can also team up darker neutral shades with lively accents. For instance, try combining dark blue with bright blue. On the flip side, lighter neutrals pair well with vibrant accents. Think of light grey matched with a pop of bright pink.


While you can rock an all-dark or all-light outfit, adding contrast generally gives you a more striking look. I'd avoid matching opposite colors like yellow and purple, as they can be overwhelming. Instead, opt for a neutral and an accent color for a well-balanced ensemble.

You can learn more on how to mix & match colors in my FREE guide here:

Makeup Ideas for Pure Winter

When it comes to makeup for the Pure Winter palette, think of it as a canvas to emphasize the cool and vibrant essence that defines this color type. Start with a flawless base that plays up your natural cool undertones – opt for a foundation that matches your skin's cool undertone and provides a smooth, even finish. Your ideal shades for blush would be bright pinks or cool berry tones, adding a pop of color that complements your palette.


Eyes are where you can truly shine. Deep, rich shades like icy blues, cool purples, and intense charcoals are perfect for creating dramatic looks that play up your striking cool undertones. Don't shy away from bold eyeliner to define your eyes. Consider using navy or charcoal instead of traditional black for a softer yet impactful effect. Complete the eye look with mascara to add volume and definition to your lashes.


For lips, embrace the boldness of True Winter colors. Bright reds, deep berries, and vibrant fuchsias can add that finishing touch of drama to your look. Experimenting with bold lip colors can perfectly complement your cool undertones and enhance your overall appearance. Remember, the key is to strike a balance that celebrates the cool, high-contrast nature of the Pure Winter palette while enhancing your natural features.


Avoid anything warm, oranges, yellow-based reds, brown tones, and peachy pinks.

How to Truly Know if You're Pure Winter?

The only way is to get a consultation from a professional stylist. I don't mind DIY methods; however, there are subtle nuances that can change the whole picture. It's about ensuring you've correctly identified your temperature and analyzing the contrast (using black and white filters on your photos won't suffice!). After that, you need to check the tonality of your skin and other factors to discover your true color type.


Instead of guessing which colors suit you best and potentially making expensive shopping mistakes, I can help you determine your exact seasonal color type and provide personalized recommendations for your wardrobe and makeup.


Don't hesitate to book a consultation with me and take the first step towards creating a wardrobe that makes you look and feel confident and beautiful. I provide online color analysis sessions and use the best color system (16 seasonal color types) to truly highlight your appearance. You can book your FREE consultation with me here!

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